Monkeypox: understand what the disease is and how to prevent it

An outbreak of monkeypox was confirmed on 6 May in the UK, starting in a British resident who had traveled to Nigeria, where the disease is endemic. Since then, many cases are appearing around the world. In Brazil, seven suspects are monitored by the Ministry of Health. To talk about the topic, Ver Mais invited … Read more

Gasoline can exceed R$ 8 in Santa Catarina

Entrepreneurs at gas stations Santa Catarina ask the state government to review the decision taken earlier this year in charge the ICMS difference on the tariff price – PMPF (Weighted Average Price to the Final Consumer), value for the calculation base of the ICMS of fuels in the State. If the Executive does not back … Read more

Seven SC bets win prizes in the Mega-Sena; see where the lucky ones are from

A Mega-Sena accumulated once again in the draw held on Saturday (26), but that does not mean that the people from Santa Catarina left empty-handed: seven bets made in Santa Catarina hit five dozen in the Contest 2466 and secured a good prize. Seven SC bets hit five dozen in the Mega-Sena – Photo: Rafael … Read more

‘from the hospital point of view, everything is calm’, says president of Unimed

Criciúma recorded this Wednesday, the 12th, 1,157 active cases of Covid-19, but despite the high transmission of the virus, the president of Unimed, Leandro Avany Nunes, stated that the Ômicron variant is not making patients seriously ill. “The Ômicron variant has great transmission capacity, but it is not making patients seriously ill and this may … Read more

Unimed speaks out after protest promoted by Sindsaúde

Demonstrations took place this Monday morning, in front of the Unimed Hospital Unimed Criciúma was the target of protests by the Union of Workers in Health Establishments in Criciúma and Region (Sindisaúde) this Monday morning, the 20th. exams and consultations that were not charged before. In a statement, Unimed says it recognizes the value of … Read more

Unimed Criciúma acquires modern Robotic Visualization System from German ZEISS

Equipment works like a microscope and is used in the neurosurgery service More comfort, safety, precision and efficiency in neurosurgeries. These are the objectives of Unimed Criciúma with the acquisition of the KINEVO® 900 Robotic Visualization System, under the ZEISS brand, for Hospital São João Batista (HSJB). With German technology, it is considered the most … Read more

Criciúma updates Covid-19 data this Monday

Criciúma updated the numbers of Covid-19 (coronavirus), this Monday night, the 6th. According to the epidemiological bulletin, 22 people are hospitalized in the city because of the disease. Of these, 10 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and the others in the clinic. The municipality reached 37,882 confirmed cases of coronavirus until this Monday. … Read more