“Rethinking the health system as democratically as possible in order to face the crises of the 21st century”

Caregivers from the intensive care unit at the Estrée clinic, in Sains (Seine-Saint-Denis), April 20, 2020. BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS Tribune. The aborted pension reform has highlighted the importance of discussing upstream of any systemic change affecting our social model. As the National Council of Resistance (CNR) did in 1943 with regard to Social Security, … Read more

Sweden will address the crises in Belarus and Ukraine during its presidency of the OSCE • Hello News

OSCE SECURITY Vienna, Jan 1 (EFE) .- Sweden assumes from this Friday the annual presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with an agenda focused on the crises in the region, such as those in eastern Ukraine and Belarus , strengthen democracy and promote gender equality. “Our priorities as chair will … Read more

Two political crises in the middle of a health storm

At the start of the pandemic, the President of the Canary Islands Government had to deal with two crises in his cabinet, and both in two areas under socialist control. Teresa Cruz was relieved at the head of the Ministry of Health, temporarily replaced by Julio Pérez, and later by Blas Trujillo, while María José … Read more

UK prepares to face two crises: Brexit and new strain of coronavirus

Panama, December 22, 2020 The UK is preparing to face a double crisis: Brexit and a contagious new strain of the virus. At least 10 miles of trucks sought to leave the UK for Continental Europe. Traders and carriers fear that a no-deal Brexit will leave them stranded as will their merchandise. On the other … Read more

Joe Biden spoke with Sebastián Piñera and promised to help Latin America recover from the crises caused by the pandemic

Joe Biden and Sebastián Piñera The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke on Tuesday by phone with the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, and promised to help Latin America overcome the economic and health crisis caused by COVID-19. He also celebrated the decision of the Chilean people to draft a new Constitution. Piñera is … Read more

Learn about the crises that Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have gone through during their relationship | The last

Prior to the release of Chiquis’s third album, the problem he has with Lorenzo Méndez emerged after ‘Suelta la sopa’ caught the singer trying to enter the home he shares with his wife through one of the fences. We remember other crises that they have gone through during their relationship. .

PCP replies to Costa: ″ Problems are not solved by threatening with crises ″

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 10:28 pm The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) said this Saturday, reacting to statements by the Prime Minister to admit an eventual political crisis, that the problems “are not solved by threatening with crises”, but by looking for solutions. “The problems are not solved by threatening with crises, but by finding … Read more

The coronavirus pandemic is generating panic attacks and severe crises

The pandemic it deepened gaps and also sufferings. And in times of reduced links to virtuality, it made the work of those who from the Health accompany and are convinced that mental health is addressed through containment nets. This is translated into “a strong demand in recent times”, points out Jésica Redondo, director of the … Read more

Work: 120 crises in the Mise, 160-170 thousand workers – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 19 – There are about 120 crisis tables open to the Ministry of Economic Development: disputes which, according to what is learned, concern about 160-170 thousand workers and are down compared to last year. For the most part these are tables that have been open for several years: some even for … Read more

Dead DJ, medical certificate found in the car: “Viviana suffered from paranoia and mystical crises”

19 August 2020 11:12 The document, left in the dashboard, was released by the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto hospital in March 2020 To reveal it, according to reports from the Corriere della Sera, is one of the family’s lawyers, Claudio Mondello, cousin of the DJ’s husband, Daniele Mondello. The certificate was in the dashboard of … Read more