DinDin “It doesn’t sound like the World Cup round of 16” → “Sorry, the best game ever”… Netizens criticize ‘ing’

Rapper DinDin Instagram capture After the first leg of the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’, in which Dindin shot coach Paulo Bento, he made a public apology to the public. After the World Cup match against Uruguay on the 24th, DinDin left a message saying, “I’m sorry. Our Republic of Korea is really the best. The … Read more

Japanese fans explain why we clean up the rubbish in the stands and our high-quality culture embodies: the big bosses in the country criticize disgusting hypocrisy–fast technology–technology changes the future

Japanese fans explain why our high-quality culture is reflected in cleaning up the rubbish in the stands: the big bosses in the country criticize disgusting hypocrisy The high quality of Japanese fans in the World Cup has been praised by netizens all over the world. Is this really the case? After the Japan match, the … Read more

Islamic activists criticize Zakir’s rise at the World Cup to Saudi football

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Islamic activists also criticized Qatar controversial speaker law Zakir Naik for a lecture during the 2022 World Cup. Another news is King Salman announce Arab Saudi Today’s national holiday after the Saudi national team defeated Argentina 2-1 in the preliminary match for the 2022 World Cup at the Lusail Stadium, Qatar, Tuesday … Read more

They criticize the actress of “Tres por tres” for creating Christmas movies without gay partners

Actress Candace Cameron, known for her role as DJ Tanner in the series Full house (Three by three) is being heavily criticized for producing Christmas movies without gay partners. The criticism began after Cameron granted a interview to The Wall Street Journal in which they asked him if he planned to include homosexual couples in … Read more

Families of Russian soldiers criticize the leadership. They don’t blame Putin

Nov 21, 2022 at 3:34 p.m I Paid content Soldiers speak up despite the threat of punishment. The article continues below the video advertisement The article continues below the video advertisement The article was originally published in the Washington Post. The text was translated by Barbora Paľovčíková. Voronezh. Irina Sokolova’s husband, a Russian soldier who … Read more

They criticize Laura Pausini for editing a photo where she appears with Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio triumphed in the Latin Grammy Awards 2022since he presented the award to the Best Ranchera Music Album with a dress of almost 7,000 pesos. The comments about how she dazzled on the red carpet and during the award ceremony did not wait, since the garment it highlighted her features and made her shine. … Read more

They criticize Laura Pausini for editing a photo with Yalitza Aparicio

Laura Pausini and Yalitza Aparicio MEXICO CITY, November 19 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Laura Pausini took photos with various celebrities on the night of the Latin Grammys and shared them on her Instagram account, for example, with Rosalía and Christina Aguilera, she also posed with the Mexican Yalitza Aparicio, but the photo with the protagonist of “Roma” … Read more

Hypocrites from Europe have no right to criticize the hosting of the World Cup in Qatar, says FIFA head Infantino

FIFA president Gianni Infantino called critics of the World Cup in Qatar hypocrites. At the same time, he declared that Europe should apologize for its attitudes for three thousand years. Qatar won the hosting of the championship in controversial circumstances in 2010 and has been the target of almost constant criticism ever since. Among other … Read more

Qatari activists criticize flights between Tel Aviv and Doha in the World Cup

DOHA – A group of Qatari activists against the normalization of relations with Israel said they were shocked after the government allowed direct flights between Tel Aviv and Doha during the soccer World Cup. Although the protest, which was organized by the 24-member group (Qatar Youth Against Normalization), mostly Qataris, it was small, but it … Read more