News 24 | Abha player criticizing Renard: I deserve to be in the national team… and the door is not open to everyone (video)

Abha player Saleh Al-Omari criticized the way players were chosen to join the national team under the leadership of French Herve Renard, stressing that the door is not open to everyone. Al-Omari said in statements after his team’s confrontation with Al-Fayhaa: “We are tired and we are talking, we strive, whatever the name of the … Read more

CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Are you criticizing Hanck crazy? David, you have the number one underlined from me!

“Blood boiled in me when I read how Sparta stopper David Hanck criticized in Slovakia. Due to the fact that he preferred to be at the birth of his wife before the matches of the Slovak national team. David, you don’t solve anything at all, enjoy the babies, take care of your wife! How many … Read more

Apio Quijano responds to Lolita Cortés after criticizing Kabah: “Leave us alone”

“The academy” continues to create controversy and strong confrontations thanks to the comments of some of its critics; this time it was courteous lolita who gave something to talk about after he assured that of all the members of Kabah, the only one who has talent is María José. This happened during the second concert … Read more

SpaceX fires employees who wrote a letter criticizing Elon Musk

Associated PressElon Musk, here in Washington, March 9, 2020. SPACEX – SpaceX has dismissed several employees involved in the preparation of an “open letter” criticizing in particular the behavior ofElon Musk in the public sphere, according to a message sent by the director of operations of the space exploration company whose existence and content were … Read more

Two Russian MPs suspended after criticizing war in Ukraine | Abroad

That wrote the newspaper Kommersant on Wednesday. Their appeal generated a lot of international attention because it showed that there is also resistance to the war within Russian politics. “These MPs have discredited the party with their appeal, so there is no place for them in our ranks anymore,” said Anatoly Dolgachev, the head of … Read more

A journalist criticizing the government has been sentenced in Georgia to prison

Nicar Guarami, a well-known journalist and owner of the opposition support channel Mtavari TV, has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in Georgia on Monday. A Tbilisi city court judge has found Guaramia guilty of damaging the finances of his previously run television channel. Guaramia himself has stated that the lawsuit against him is … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | The Czechs were disappointed. Only a faded copy of the Finns, criticizing the national team in Sweden

“The success of the Tre Kronor team! He defeated the top team, “reports the Expressen newspaper in its headline. “I think we ran them over,” the author of the 2: 1 goal post, Emil Bemström, quotes from an interview with TV6. We evaluate the match with the Swedes in the show PŘÍKLEP EXTRA.Video: SPORT.CZ “After … Read more

Ari Borovoy and the hypocrisy of criticizing artists who want to be politicians

Ari Borovoy during a press conference. (Media and Media/Getty Images) Ari Borovoy wants to venture into politics as a deputy. This was announced by himself on Twitter and the bomb exploded in his hand. “I will run for deputy this year. Today I want to represent you as a citizen, I hope to count on … Read more

Magaly Medina ‘shoots’ Renzo Schuller for criticizing Combate’s production: “Don’t be ungrateful” | RMMN entertainment | TVMAS

Magaly Medina attacked Renzo Schullerafter that, in his debut as host of “Esto es Guerra”, he minimized the production of the extinct program “Combate” by pointing out that he did not have the necessary resources to grow the show. True to his style, the ‘Magpie’ brought the actor out when he considered that he is … Read more

Elon Musk causes scandal again by publicly criticizing Twitter executives

aA After having supported a derogatory tweet on Vijaya Gadde, the lawyer of the social network in charge of regulations and security, the multi-billionaire also split yesterday, Wednesday April 27, 2022 a meme (parody image) to make fun of the rules of the platform in terms of content moderation and of the manager. “Harassment is … Read more