Lele Pons was accused of animal abuse for swimming with a crocodile

The singer was accused of animal abuse after posting videos where she swims with a crocodile Credit: Lele Pons Comment (0) Like Like Share E-mail Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Save January 18, 2021 • 16:33 Lele Pons, singer and influencer, was involved in a controversy and was accused of animal abuse then published several videos where … Read more

Chaco Hoy – INSSSEP added to its nomenclator the benefits of assisted fertilization practices

The benefit for affiliates of the organization, between the ages of 18 and 45, recognizes 70 percent of the coverage and the other 30 percent is financed. Low and high complexity practices are considered, as well as psychological support. The manager of the INSSSEP Welfare Projects Carlos Ceballos announced, this Friday, the approval of benefits … Read more

The Cartier crocodile by María Félix that emerged with a live baby. Fast, because it grows! ».

María Félix is ​​one of the most influential icons of Mexican culture in the world. His figure has influenced all aspects of public life, from music to cinema, without forgetting to go through fashion, from this area arises one of the most sympathetic stories of La Doña, which led to the creation of a complete … Read more

Crocodiles Arrested and Captivated, Residents Ask for Rp 10 Million Ransom from the Police

PALIA KALAN, KOMPAS.com – Villagers of India north caught one crocodile and made him a prisoner, then demanded a ransom from the police if he wanted the reptile to be released. Locals found the crocodile while hiding in a pond. Reported AFP on Saturday (12/09/2020), the reptile was 2 meters long and came from a … Read more

“Pragmatic” and “with crocodile skin”. what Melania Trump’s former best friend reveals about her in her new book | People

“General Winston” has spoken. Who was Melania Trump’s best friend for over a decade, her confidante at weekly lunches, and her regular guest at the Mar-A-Lago mansion in Miami he has shown his facet as Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by revealing the intimacies of the former Slovenian model in an expected book. Stephanie Winston … Read more

They discover remains of a fight between a gigantic crocodile and a sloth in the Amazon 13 million years ago

The recent discovery of the leg bone of a giant sloth more than 13 million years old – reported today by the magazine Biology Letters, de la Royal Society, in a study signed by François Pujos and the Peruvian Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi, who received funding from the Concytec- echa light on the behavior of the large … Read more

Huge terror crocodile discovered with teeth the size of bananas

(Image: RHONA WISE / AFP) You don’t want to see a crocodile on your holiday. However, they used to be much larger and hunted dinosaurs. Are you afraid of crocodiles? Then you better skip this article. Scientists have discovered a crocodile with teeth the size of bananas. Fortunately for us, the beast lived millions of … Read more

A crocodile three metres it gets in the backyard of a house and causes a huge scare

Miami, United States. The Commission for the Conservation of Fisheries and wildlife (FWC) Florida caught and returned to its natural habitat, a crocodile of more than three metres in length after the introduction in the backyard of a house in Islamorada, in the Keys of Florida. Despite the fright caused to the locals no one … Read more

The ancestor of the crocodile walking on two legs

by Denis Hadzovic | June 13, 2020 A team of palaeontologists americans and south koreans have discovered footprints embedded in a rock in South Korea. According to them, they have been left by a crocodile prehistoric who walked on two legs, reported CNN on Thursday, June 11. The study, published in the scientific journal Natureunveiling … Read more