8 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes that are Important to Know Page all

KOMPAS.com – Sweet potato which are prepared simply, boiled, steamed, or baked, may be familiar as a snack for our grandparents. However, do you know the nutritional value and benefits of plants crops is this for our health? Sweet potatoes have a variety of nutrients. To quote healthline, in 200 grams sweet potato Roasted with … Read more

Behind the scenes of a female cry in Mariotia crops

08:31 PM Thursday 20 October 2022 Books – Muhammad Shaban: The security services in Giza are intensifying their efforts, headed by Major General Abdel Aziz Selim; To arrest a fugitive accused and another accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the Haram area. Brigadier General Ali Abdel Rahman, Head of Investigations in the Western Sector, … Read more

Irrigation: These “hydrovorous” crops drowned in reproaches!

It’s a fact: The water consumption of avocado, watermelon and red fruits is significantly lower than that of conventional crops. Investments in water saving make it possible to recover 2 billion m3 per year. Several voices have been raised against the planting of “high water-consuming” crops in recent years, with the succession of several years … Read more

Legumes, insects, new crops… Scientists challenge future food systems

<!– –> The Covid-19 pandemic has revisited consumption patterns, global warming is pushing us to reconsider our agricultural practices, the war in Ukraine is disrupting the global supply of raw materials… The period is marked by a succession of events that invite us to rethink current food systems in order to make them more sustainable, … Read more

How does the heat in Europe affect the yield of crops and other products? / Script

IN SHORT: Extreme heat affects the price of crops and food products. Corn, soybean and sunflower crops have suffered the most. The grape harvest also suffered, but not their quality. Warm and dry weather in western Europe and the Mediterranean region could last until November. The regions affected by the drought are those that were … Read more

Ukrainians are missing from British fields, 22 million pounds worth of crops have been wasted

About 40 percent of respondents from Britain’s National Farmers Union said they had suffered crop losses due to labor shortages. British farms are missing an average of 14 percent of workers. The problems were aggravated by the fact that some employees did not come to work at all or left early. The server of The … Read more

Afghanistan: at least 29 dead from floods, hundreds missing – Last Hour

(ANSA) – KABUL, AUG 15 – Sudden floods created by torrential rains have caused at least 29 deaths in Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, according to the Taliban government’s disaster management ministry in Kabul, which also speaks of hundreds of missing people . The most affected province is that of Parwan, with 20 dead … Read more

Farmers who “pump down” at speed react to dissatisfaction: “You can spray, but our crops shrivel”

Farmers and contractors try to provide their animals and plants with the necessary moisture with water from the Moervaart. — © ies Moerbeke-Waas – The whole of Flanders is feeling the consequences of the ongoing drought. Agriculture, in particular, is moaning. As long as it is still allowed and possible, farmers use all means to … Read more

This well-known super plant has a special trick that can make crops resistant to drought

It is getting drier and drier due to global warming. As a result, crops fail more and more often. Crops that can withstand a lack of precipitation are therefore more than welcome. A forgotten vegetable may offer a solution. Yale scientists describe how Portulaca oleracea, better known as purslane, integrates two different metabolic pathways to … Read more

Lukashenka’s decision was surprising: he ordered the soldiers to harvest the crops

O. Ždanovas notices that A. Lukashenka involved not only army representatives, but also policemen in agricultural works. The dictator has publicly criticized that the harvest is too slow so far. “He stated that the army and the militia should be involved in the harvest and that is better than being involved in the war. Lukashenko … Read more