The crossroads of tennis player Michael Venus, tennis or family

London, Nov 6 (EFE) .- The doubles player Michael Venus faces one of the most complicated decisions in the coming days. Already qualified for the ATP Finals, the New Zealand tennis player will have to choose between playing the most exclusive tournament of the year or visiting his family for four months. The problem for … Read more

a total confinement that stops contagions in their tracks or wait for the effects of the curfew

Emmanuel Macron took the step last week of decreeing home confinement for all of France due to its high rates of incidence of COVID-19 and has opened a path that no European country wanted to travel again. They have been followed by Boris Johnson for England, Antonio Costa partially in Portugal, and similar actions by … Read more

Moral Crossroads in Daile Theater production «Doctor» / Article /

Six premieres are planned for the new season in the Great Hall of Daile Theater. The premiere of Robert Aik’s work “Doctor” with Vita Vārpiņš in the title role already on September 18. The play “Doctor” by the British playwright Robert Aik is a drama of ideas – a contemporary work that, without losing its … Read more

The dangerous game of Cristina Kirchner and the new crossroads of Mauricio Macri

Laura Di Marco, in LN + 14:31 After nearly six months of quarantine, bankrupt SMEs, thousands of lost jobs, a deep recession and a phenomenal skyrocket in the number of infections, much of society is losing patience. The government is pulling too hard on the rope. “The field is dry,” says a leading pollster. This … Read more

Fast cars, famous characters and lots of action in the launch trailer of Fast & Furious: Crossroads

Fast & Furious: Crossroads, the latest game from Slightly Mad Studios, was planned to be released in May simultaneously with the movie release of Fast & Furious 9. While the film has been delayed for almost a year due to the corona crisis, the game was only delayed for months. Yesterday Fast & Furious: Crossroads … Read more

Another diplomatic conflict over the coronavirus data: the Brazilian embassy came to the crossroads of the Buenos Aires government

(Presidency)Buenos Aires Minister of Health Daniel Gollán assured this Monday morning that “If we followed the Bolsonaro or Trump doctrine, today we would have between 25 and 30 thousand dead”. In the afternoon, the Brazilian embassy in Argentina issued a harsh statement in which it stated that the statements of the minister of Axel Kicilof … Read more

Crossroads and Google join forces to make shopping in the voice

Thanks to a partnership signed with Carrefour in 2018, Google has just launched a new service based on its voice assistant. The firm now offers to do his food shopping from A to Z using voice, smartphone, speaker and screen connected. With containment, many retailers have improved their services shopping online, as well as the … Read more