REPORT: Price “drama” in Croatia? A small beer costs 48 crowns, a family lunch costs 2000 crowns

Like other countries, Croatia is suffering from record inflation. It has already climbed to 12 percent. Although food, energy, fuel and services have become more expensive, a holiday by the Adriatic continues to be financially viable for Czechs. But we advise you not to count, especially in a restaurant. Despite the sharp increase in prices, … Read more

Community Shield|Liverpool defeats Manchester City and crowns King Gao Puzannionis to bring positive signal Dibney is dissatisfied with Charant (19:09) – 20220731 – Sports – Instant News

Although Liverpool’s goalkeeper Alison Biga was injured in this battle, the vice-selected Azuan had to check, but the “Red Army” only took 21 minutes in the first half to pass Alexander Arnotti from the penalty area of ​​Mohamed Sharna. Inject at a time. After conceding the goal, Manchester City gradually regained the dominance and equalized … Read more

The alleged Hitler watch was sold in the USA for 26.5 million crowns

A watch that allegedly belonged to Adolf Hitler was sold at an auction in the USA for 1.1 million dollars (26.5 million crowns). The BBC server informed about it. A Huber wristwatch with a swastika and the initials AH engraved on the reverse was acquired by an anonymous buyer. The auction house Alexander Historical Auctions … Read more

A large Czech chain started selling fruit and vegetables for a few crowns. People take it by storm, save decent money

The food market is in a very strange situation right now. On the one hand, food is constantly becoming more expensive, but on the other, it is also still thrown away in large quantities. Both factors have a clear influence on each other. Stores have to take into account that they simply won’t sell part … Read more

Bayern acquires 17-year-old striker Telo, he can cost up to 700 million crowns

Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich will buy 17-year-old French striker Mathys Tel from Rennes, for whom they can pay up to 28.5 million euros (699 million crowns). The clubs’ agreement was reported by L’Équipe and Bild. The talented footballer will sign a five-year contract with the German club. Tel was the captain of the French under-17 … Read more

Up to 140,000 crowns per customer. The study showed how expensive it is to sell a new car

Extensive research calculated the costs of an interested party who comes to a car showroom to choose a new car. It showed that there are different types of customers. An uninstructed motorist who absorbs information only at the dealer and requires several test drives. The other extreme is the interested party who finds out everything … Read more

The cheap way to the car has really become more expensive. A used one costs almost 290,000 crowns

The average price of used cars on the Czech market in the first half of the year rose by 18 percent to CZK 289,000. The reason was the growing demand due to the lack of new and refurbished cars. The average age of sold cars increased slightly from 9.1 years to 9.5 years. This follows … Read more

Hyundai is working on an electric car with a price of around half a million crowns

Hyundai launched a strong electric car offensive in Europe when it first introduced the Ioniq 5, now the Ioniq 6, and is preparing for a spectacular launch of the largest model 7 in 2024. But for ordinary users, these are relatively expensive vehicles with a starting price of around one million crowns. A more affordable … Read more

The Czechs will build a luxury beach resort in Istria for 2.5 billion crowns

The Czech real estate fund Investika bought land in Istria. They will build a luxury resort with a private beach on them. The expected value of the project near the Croatian city of Pula is expected to exceed 2.5 billion crowns (over 100 million euros). Realitní fund Investika bought four hectares of land with its … Read more

The national debt rose by 242 billion to 2.7 trillion crowns in the first half of the year

In the update of the strategy for financing the national debt from the beginning of April, the Ministry expects that the national debt will rise by 262 billion to 2.728 trillion CZK this year. “The increase in the national debt in the second half of the year will be significantly lower in accordance with the … Read more