McLaren’s headquarters are for sale. The well-known building could be sold for 5.7 billion crowns

Like many other carmakers, McLaren is having a difficult year. Therefore, the group decided to sell its headquarters. The McLaren Group, which includes a supersports manufacturer and a Formula One team and other subsidiaries, is based near Woking, Surrey, in the South East of England. You’ve probably seen the area many times, McLaren likes to … Read more

Socialbakers claim one of the largest Czech exits. For billions of crowns, it goes into American hands

Jan Řežáb founded the startup Socialbakers eleven years ago, then still under the name Facebakers. Over the years, the company has grown a lot, received more than three tens of millions of dollars from investors, and since the departure of its founder in 2015, it has not attracted much media attention. For some time, the … Read more

Professional mechanics recommend Czech Škoda cars among cars over 200,000 crowns. Hyundai cars were the worst

A unique survey conducted by a network of independent car repair shops, where 239 professional mechanics graded the fifty most popular vehicles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, also evaluated cars at a price range of over two hundred thousand crowns. The Škoda Octavia III became the winner, while the cars of the South Korean … Read more

The average wage in the second quarter rose to 34,271 crowns. In real terms, however, it was lower with regard to rising prices – ČT24 – Česká televize

Analysts expected a decline in the average wage after taking inflation into account, mainly due to effects of coronavirus spread and relatively high growth in consumer prices. The last time real wages fell was at the end of 2013. The chief economist of Trinity Bank and a member of the National Economic Council of the … Read more

The new startup Investown will offer investment properties from a few hundred. Millions of crowns are sent to it by Česká spořitelna

Open the real estate market to everyone, without having to have millions in your account. With such a goal, the Prague startup Investown enters the market, which buys real estate, offers it to small investors and then pays them a proportional part of the selected rents every month. A sharp launch of the new investment … Read more

Firefighters charged the young arsonist 100 thousand crowns for trips. It has a repayment calendar

A series of fires hit the Břeclav region in 2018 and 2019. It mostly burned grass, fields or stubble. The investigation eventually showed that the fires were caused by a young man who lived nearby. “The last fire, in which ready-made farmers managed to take pictures of the perpetrator, took place in July 2019. Thanks … Read more

‘Veils’ for pensioners. Maláčová will propose a one – off contribution of 6000 crowns Home

Prague On Monday, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) will present a proposal for a one-time bonus for pensioners of 6,000 crowns. She told Nova TV on Saturday. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) spoke about the one-time contribution of 5,000 or 6,000 crowns for pensioners considered by the government in an … Read more

Last year, OKD ended up with a loss of 861 million crowns

According to the company, the significant loss is mainly due to the decline in coal prices. “Steelmakers are reducing production to a minimum, world coking coal prices are constantly falling, the energy market is going through the biggest crisis in 70 years,” said Vanda Staňková, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the annual report. … Read more

Kingdom Come: Deliverance still brings out. The Czech game studio Warhorse earned over 460 million crowns last year

The Czech game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is appreciated for its attractive and realistic landscapes Foto: Warhorse The Czech game development studio Warhorse Studios was founded in 2011 and it took seven long years to release its first and so far only game. But that was it Kingdom Come: Deliverance, one of the most ambitious domestic … Read more

Harry and Meghan bought a residence in paradise for hundreds of millions of crowns, the house has 16 bathrooms. Charles paid

Harry and Meghan moved again. Their new home is a luxury residence in Santa Barbara, California, known as the “Beverly Hills of the North.” The royal couple had to buy the house six weeks ago. He lives in the house with his son Archie, and the main reason for moving was to gain more privacy. … Read more