Xbox Game Pass with new games in June! Far Cry goes to Microsoft’s service

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> We waited, waited and finally it is! Microsoft has just confirmed the list of games headed for the Xbox Game Pass. The list is interesting because it turns out that players can get ready for some interesting games in June. Today, the Xbox Game Pass catalog will be expanded with a collection consisting of … Read more

Michael Mando, an actor from Vaas Montenegro, confesses that he never played Far Cry 3

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram If we talk about memorable video games from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era, it is an obligation to mention Far Cry 3. This Ubisoft masterpiece not only conquered the community for its gameplay full of possibilities, but also … Read more

Far Cry 6 on sale. Ubisoft game for just PLN 99

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> In October last year, another sandbox from the French producer and publisher debuted on the market. The adventure of Dani Rojas has been included in a large promotion, thanks to which you can buy it in the version for various platforms for only PLN 99. This offer is noteworthy especially for players who prefer … Read more

(Caught red-handed) .. You will not believe what the son of the famous Egyptian journalist Amr Adib did until he made his father cry and beg the American University to keep quiet about what happened! (full details)

Recently, Arab media interested in celebrity news reported about the embarrassing situation that Amr Adib was exposed to because of his son from his ex-wife. This came after it was revealed that his son, “Khaled”, a student at the American University, was involved in an affair with one of the girls at the university in … Read more

Kate Middleton made the British cry, appeared with … PHOTOS

Every day, fans of the royal family look forward to the appearance of representatives of the noble family of horse racing. Traditionally, the Windsors are one of the most welcome guests at the Royal Ascot, and the appearance of Elizabeth II caused a furor in the competition. This year, the Dukes of Cambridge were also … Read more

Sad moments that made everyone cry.. Hassan Youssef reveals the last painful hours in Samir Sabry’s life..heart-breaking details

The artist Hassan Youssef said that the news of the death of the artist Samir Sabry saddened everyone, and after President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ordered his treatment at state expense, he was admitted to the Maadi Military Hospital. He added that all doctors feared performing an operation on him in his aorta, because the probability … Read more

Val Severodonetsk seems like a matter of time, ‘zelensky’s wish list is a cry for help’

Defense expert Peter Wijninga sees this request from Ukraine as a cry for help. “There are such insanely large numbers on it, the West can never meet that.” By comparison, Ukraine previously asked for 60 MLRS, or mobile missile installations, now there are 300. That amounts to about half of all MLRS available to the … Read more

Residents Restless About Attacks in Jatinegara: Mothers and Children Cry Every Day All

JAKARTA, – The attack took place on Jalan Kemuning, RT 005 RW 001, Rawa Bunga Village, Kecamatan JatinegaraEast Jakarta. At least the attacks occurred twice, namely on Sunday (12/6/2022) in the morning and Monday (13/6/2022) in the morning. Four people were injured and one house was damaged in the incident. A local resident with … Read more

€30,000 for all Belgians aged 25: a “cry of alarm” in the face of youth inequalities for Ecolo

This is a proposal that is still in draft form but it is already widely debated. Ecolo announced a week ago that it wanted to give €30,000 to all young people aged 25 to support and accompany them in order to get started in life.This idea would be financed by a new tax on the … Read more