Cryptocurrency scam uses celebrities as bait

The Spanish media corporation, Atresmedia publicly denounced the use of the image of some of its presenters to carry out scams by buying cryptocurrencies. The scammers request investments of a minimum of 250 euros promising successful investments, using false news of similar operations from famous Spanish presenters. The program Public Mirror, transmitted by Antena 3 … Read more

Celsius doubled its cryptocurrency reserves

Centralized cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius doubled its cryptocurrency reserves in six months. And, it now has $ 2.2 billion in assets under management. According to a release on November 9, Celsius doubled its cryptocurrency holdings in six months after surpassing $ 1 billion in June. The platform has attracted more than 215,000 users in total, … Read more

AP news agency and Everipedia will register the data and results of the next United States general elections on blockchain – cryptocurrency news

The iconic news agency The Associated Press (AP) is forming an alliance with the decentralized platform Everipedia, which will allow to record the results of the winners in the next general elections of the United States in blockchain technology. As part of an agreement, the global news agency AP will be able to register the … Read more

Price of BTC and OKB fall after OKEx suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals

The important crypto exchange OKEx suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals, announcing that one of the holders of your private keys is “currently cooperating with a public security office” in connection with ongoing “investigations”. The exchange noted that it has been “out of contact” with the key holder, which prevents the “associated authorization” from being completed. OKEx plans … Read more

Atari will release a cryptocurrency and you can use it to buy games on its console

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums The brand Atari He wants to return to the world of video games with a new console, but his new ambitions do not end there. What happens is that he will also take out a cryptocurrency, which you can … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx suspends withdrawals on its platform

OKex, a leader in the cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended all withdrawals of digital assets and cryptocurrencies indefinitely until further notice. The problem in question is that one of the exchange’s private key holders is “currently cooperating with a public security office in investigations when necessary.” According to reports, OKex has been out of contact with … Read more

CipherTrace provides practical advice to identify illegal cryptocurrency transactions

The blockchain forensic firm CipherTrace published a comprehensive guide to help law enforcement officials identify signs of cryptocurrency use when conducting criminal investigations. He report points out that the US Department of the Treasury identified a “Steady Decline in Agency-Reported Bulk Cash Seizures Across the United States” since 2013, suggesting that the trend may indicate … Read more

Cryptocurrency traders remain cautious on Bitcoin’s price as the rally to $ 11.7K deteriorated along the way.

After the price of Bitcoin (BTC) hit $ 11,720 on Binance, traders began to be slightly skeptical of the dominant cryptocurrency. Despite the initial break above two key resistance levels at $ 11,300 and $ 11,500, BTC recorded several rejections. Although it might be premature to predict a correction across the market, the level of … Read more