How to cope with inflation? Cryptocurrency scams are flooding the internet

Avast security experts managed to catch the fraudulent campaign before it dramatically spread around the world. Even so, the detection systems of this antivirus company have already blocked the fraud for almost 11,000 users. “The campaign is active during the working hours of the Central European time zone, which leads us to suspect that the … Read more

Tornado Cash cryptocurrency collapses after the arrest of a protocol developer

TORN is down as much as 24% after the arrest of a cryptocurrency mix protocol developer on Friday. This decline continues the wave of deterioration that began at the beginning of this week, after I decided to US Treasury Banning US citizens from using the protocol “Ethereum”. This site is one of the most popular … Read more

Mercado Libre plans to expand its cryptocurrency service to all of Latin America

Mercado Libre, an Argentine e-commerce company, has already announced that it is finalizing details to be able to expand its cryptocurrency buying and selling service throughout the rest of the region. Let us remember that in 2021, Meli launched its cryptocurrency service in the Brazilian market, as a test method to start its innovation in … Read more

Nvidia has been caught up in the cryptocurrency bubble. GeForce sales fell 44%, revenue far below expectations

Source: Nvidia After Intel, another chip giant has a problem: Nvidia’s sales have fallen significantly, the market has stopped being interested in graphics. Revenues for gaming (and mining) GPUs have almost halved year-on-year. The company therefore exceptionally reports preliminary results even before the usual publication date. After financial results Intel a AMD here we also … Read more

Cryptocurrency: – Trædal must look up

DEBATE It’s no wonder that you don’t understand the solution when you haven’t understood the problem. UNLIKELY: Although it seems that Eivind Trædal would prefer that the whole concept of cryptocurrency and blockchains disappear, there is nothing to indicate that it will become a reality. Here from a data park that mines Bitcoin. Photo: Olga … Read more

Bitcoin Falls to Support as Looming CPI Reads Shake Crypto and Stock Markets

Tam Shams – Tuesday, August 9, 2022 11:54 pm – Crypto and stock markets saw a slight dip on August 9 as traders got a little nervous ahead of tomorrow’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report. Details of the reading will highlight whether the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes are effective in curbing hyperinflation and could have … Read more

Another Cryptocurrency Giant Suspends Cryptocurrency Withdrawals, Is Another Bankruptcy Awaiting The Community?

Hodlnaut suspends withdrawals to clients. Source: Creative Agency Reuters reported today that the cryptocurrency company Hodlnaut based in cryptocurrency-leaning Singapore, stopped withdrawals for its clients cryptocurrency. This is yet another case in a series of companies specializing in the provision of cryptocurrency loans facing liquidity problems and suspending withdrawals. Hodlnaut suspended withdrawals Hodlnaut was … Read more

Dramatic deviation from an executive of a large corporation

It was belatedly known that an executive from an affiliate of one of the five major domestic groups was caught committing corruption and deviance that can only be seen in dramas and resigned. Mr. A, who was in charge of local facility management of a large corporation, operated a cryptocurrency mining machine by stealing company … Read more

OP Coins Up 300% in One Month, Analysts Expect 30 Percent Drop in August

The price of the Optimism coin (OP) has skyrocketed by almost 300% over a month. It rose to $2.31, its second-highest on record, on Aug. 4, before dropping to $1.9 now following news of developments. Ethereum (Ethereum) in layer-2 Optimism It is an Ethereum layer-2 solution that will increase the scalability of the main chain. … Read more