A student under arrest warrant for CST fraud at the vaccination center in Bierges

A student has been placed under an arrest warrant for Covid Safe Ticket (CST) fraud perpetrated at the vaccination center in Bierges, in the entity of Wavre, the Walloon Brabant prosecutor’s office said on Friday. At the request of a Walloon Brabant investigating judge, the Wavre police arrested, Thursday morning, five students, administrative employees at … Read more

A customer is asked to leave a cafe because he refuses to show a CST: he smashes the window of the establishment with a chair

On Thursday, the owner of a café located on the Place du Marché in Dison had a rather traumatic experience. When she was simply asking a client from Verviers to present her Covid Safe Ticket, the man refused. Applying the law, the manager of the establishment then asks him to leave the premises, not being … Read more

The Walloon and Brussels parliaments approve the extension of the CST for three months

Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 6:53 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Meeting in plenary session, the Walloon and Brussels parliaments unsurprisingly approved, on Thursday, the extension of the use of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) for three months. In Wallonia, the majority voted in favor of the text. The cdH abstained and the … Read more

CST soon to be conditioned for the 3rd dose of vaccine

The Minister of Health indicated on Tuesday that the validation of the Covid safe ticket should soon be conditional on a 3rd dose of vaccine. “IThere will come a time when the booster will be decisive in validating the Covid safe ticket“, Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke told the House committee on Tuesday. As this … Read more

Arnaud’s CST valid in Belgium … but no longer in France!

If you still have not received your booster dose and you have been vaccinated, like Arnaud, with Johnson & Johnson before May 15, 2021, your Covid Safe Ticket is no longer valid in France! ** ********* ****** ********* ** *** ** ********** ** ******* ********* ** **** **** ** ****** ******* ** ********* ****** ** … Read more

police launch wanted notice targeting 15 rioters at the CST demonstration

The Brussels police launched a new search notice on Tuesday targeting 15 rioters who took part in the demonstration on November 21 against the Covid Safe Ticket (CST). Riots broke out on the sidelines of the demonstration “Together for freedom“which had gathered nearly 35,000 people in the streets of Brussels. The police had to use … Read more

The hunt for fraudsters continues in Wallonia: all beneficiaries of false CST will be prosecuted

Two Brabant general practitioners, a member of the staff of a vaccination center in Tubize and a mule from Charleroi are now concerned in the context of the issuance of false Covid Safe Ticket (CST), the editions of the Avenir indicate on Monday. All their clients who are beneficiaries of this cheat will also be … Read more

Quarantines not respected, lax controls by the CST, crowds at Christmas markets: the holidays in peril because of the lack of compliance with measures!

The population is struggling to adhere to the new health measures and the Covid Safe Ticket controls can be easily bypassed. Is the rise in contamination jeopardizing the holding of the end-of-year celebrations in Belgium? On the airwaves of the Premier, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was reassuring on Monday by recalling that if everyone … Read more

The doctor suspected of having provided 2,000 false CST has been arrested: in confession, he was imprisoned

This Tuesday, a case had been brought to the attention of the Charleroi prosecutor’s office against a Walloon doctor suspected of having provided 2,000 false vaccination certificates. The documents and CSTs issued as a result were invalidated. After being arrested this Wednesday in Charleroi by the federal judicial police, the fraudulent doctor was heard by … Read more