Di Ying’s Lolita is too scheming and “not allowed to enter Sun’s house” Xiao S laughs: Is it delusional | Entertainment | CTWANT

Veteran entertainer Di Yinghe has a straightforward personality and has always been straightforward. She actually named Lolita as the king of scheming on the show, and even said, “Don’t enter my grandson’s house.” This made the host Xiao S laugh at the side, ” Not everyone wants to enter Sun’s house, you are delusional, don’t … Read more

Wang Wenyang recalls who is “the person I love the most in this life”? Xu Shengmei was stunned when she heard the response | Entertainment | CTWANT

Senior media person Xu Shengmei. (Photo/Reposted from Facebook/Xu Shengmei) Wang Quanren, the eldest grandson of Wang Yongqing, the founder of Formosa Plastics Group, married Japanese actress Mai Sato in 2014. Unexpectedly, the marriage broke out three years later. Now the divorce lawsuit has been confirmed by the woman. Her father-in-law Wang Wenyang and Lu Anni … Read more

Chang Buda people were entrusted by “Huo Jianhua” to reveal the true face of the star: the first time I met such an artist | Entertainment | CTWANT

Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru are well-known silver couples in the entertainment industry. (Photo/reposted from Ruby Lin’s Facebook page) Huo Jianhua married Lin Xinru, 3 years his senior, in 2016. The couple has a 5-year-old daughter Huo Xiaoru (little dolphin). Compared with Lin Xinru who often faces the media because of his work relationship, Huo … Read more

She couldn’t bear to be urged to get married during the Chinese New Year: Do you care if the life is not good? The relatives here are stunned | International | CTWANT

Many people will try their best to deal with life-related plans when they are greeted by relatives and friends. A woman in Zhejiang province in mainland China was having a family dinner during the Chinese New Year and was urged to get married by her relatives. She immediately fought with them. Some sharp remarks left … Read more

“New Oolong Courtyard” Hao Shaowen brought Lu Ji’s makeup artist wife back to Taiwan to register and Zhu Yanping was pleased to praise “Happy Family” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Actor Hao Shaowen made his debut as a child star in the past. He participated in the movies “New Oolong Courtyard”, “Soldiers of Dogs”, and “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years”. “, have achieved good results. He married Lin Ningrui, a makeup artist from Lu, in May last year. Recently, he took his … Read more

“The Worst Comedian” ends 15 years of being single, he violates the “Hell Contract” and may be compensated for 1.4 billion | Entertainment | CTWANT

Japan’s “Worst Comedian” Takashi Tanaka is often exposed on Japanese variety shows “Men and Women Pickets” and “Poison Tongue Pickets” with the funny group “Ungirls”. The audience was disgusted for a while. He recently announced on the community that he married his girlfriend in his 30s outside the circle. However, for this happy event, he … Read more

Going back to her hometown and forgetting to turn off the gas “dry burning pan” She went home 6 days later and was frightened | International | CTWANT

Many people will be reminded to remember to turn off the gas and lights when they go out, not only to save unnecessary electricity bills, but also to avoid safety hazards. However, a woman from Hunan Province in mainland China returned to her hometown for the New Year on the 20th. When she returned home … Read more

Spending nearly one million yuan to live in a villa… Parents saved so much that they packed “unused toothpaste” and even tied a broom to them to take away | International | CTWANT

Parents are so economical that they even take the broom with them. (Picture / Taken from Douyin / Mr. Wolf) A man surnamed Li from mainland China took his parents to Sanya for vacation a few days ago. Unexpectedly, when his parents were going home, they would even take away unused toothpaste and sauces, and … Read more

Mass shootings in California! The son of a well-known actress became a “gun-grabbing hero”. He was interviewed to restore the incident | International | CTWANT

At least 11 people were killed in a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on the 21st. The 72-year-old suspect Chen Yougen (HuuCan Tran, transliteration) attempted to shoot at the “Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio” (Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio) a few minutes after committing the crime in the “Star Dance Studio”. Brandon Tsay, a … Read more

On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the twin actresses took their children shopping “Strange men and women acted stupidly” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Twins Peipei took their children to go shopping on the fourth day of junior high school, but met a strange man and woman. (Picture / Taken from Twins Pepe’s Korean Wedding Dress Queen’s Facebook page) The twin actresses “Yi Yi Pei Pei” have a very close relationship. Apart from taking care of the children, the … Read more