The lion cubs slipped into the third basket. Who can they get in the main group of ME?

The championship will take place from June 21 to July 8, 2023. It is hosted by Bucharest and Cluj in Romania, and Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi in Georgia. Lvíčat coach Jan Suchopárek didn’t have a preference for which country he would rather visit after the play-off doubleheader. Since the Czechs are in the third basket, … Read more

Intruders want to steal rare lion cubs, Eh, killed by their mother

Jakarta – Terrible events happen again at the zoo. A man suspected of stealing a rare lion cub was attacked by an adult lion and tortured to death. Launch BBCThe incident took place at the Ghana Zoo. Lions maul humans to death at the Accra Zoo. Authorities in Ghana are investigating after a man was … Read more

In Slovakia, bears were shot, which had two cubs

“The intervention team assessed the behavior of the five-year-old bear as dangerous and posing a threat to local residents, cottagers and visitors,” said Kristína Bocková from the state nature conservation, adding that conservationists consider the shooting of problem bears to be the last resort. The Slovak Minister of the Environment Ján Budaj (Ordinary People and … Read more

The lion cubs swept with Andorra and tuned in to the September playoffs – ČT sport – Czech Television

“The result is good, the game could have been better. I hope it will be better in the next period as well, because it would probably not be enough for some opponents. We scored quite a few goals, 7: 0 is our record in qualifying. There are still some other situations “We are definitely not … Read more

The lion cubs change during the march, there are ten changes in the nomination

As he had said, so he did. The nomination has undergone changes for various reasons. “We have announced in advance that our team may partially change between the matches with England and Andorra. Several aspects decided: the health condition of some players or a possible disciplinary threat due to the yellow cards in front of … Read more

The lion cubs did not mate with the dwarf. We have the starting position we wanted, Suchopárek praised

“I always want the team to decide the match as soon as possible, but it also depends on the opponent. Andorra defended in ten people in a block of thirty meters from their own gate, so it really helped us when after ten minutes the score was 2: 0, “of course, the coach of twenty-one … Read more