Index – Culture – One of the Oscar nominations surprised the industry so much that the film academy launched an investigation

The Academy of Film Arts and Film Sciences launched an investigation after Andrea Riseborough, the main character of the independent film To Leslie, which grossed only 27,000 dollars (almost ten million forints), was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress. A 95. For Oscar nominees list became public recently, but the profession was particularly surprised … Read more

Index – Culture – Netflix brought us the world’s most unique series

Netflix started the year 2023 with great promise with a brand new series called Kaleidoscope, of which the streaming service provider claimed that we can watch the eight episodes in any order, and in the end we will enjoy the bank robbery story in the same way. This is not the first time that Netflix … Read more

Index – Culture – He gave accommodation to a political refugee, his house was broken into

It came as a surprise to everyone among the characters of Hungarian literature when Imre Madách’s dramatic poem was published in 1862, The Tragedy of Man. The masterpiece instantly elevated its author to the ranks of the classics of national literature. Until then, only very few people knew about the landowner from Nógrád County, that … Read more

The comedy “You people” tackles the clash of cultures in the USA

The new comedy “You people” with Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill has a taste for risk. The Netflix film depicts the explosive encounter between two American families of different faiths, one white and Jewish, the other African American and Muslim due to the romantic relationship between their children. A clash of cultures already addressed in … Read more

Index – Culture – When he entered the cafeteria, suddenly everyone fell silent

We already knew that the Rózsavölgy Salon other than a theater. A real salon with coffee and a friendly atmosphere, as if we were really visiting a bourgeois family. The dreamers of the tiny playground are now enhancing this by bringing two exceptional artists to our table. András Bálint and Tamás Jordán they formally take … Read more

Index – Culture – He would be working in a steel factory today if standup didn’t come along

Jim Carrey was thirteen years old when his father lost his job as an accountant and became unemployed for a long time, so the family moved to Scarborough, a neighborhood in Toronto, where the head of the family got a job as a security guard and janitor at Titan Wheels. At the time, the Carrey … Read more

Index – Culture – The legendary supermodel died of breast cancer

The German-Estonian top model was known to millions as the legendary George Michael Freedom! ’90 also from his video clip. The former star model’s death was caused by breast cancer, Tatjana Patitz’s agent informed the public. Classified as one of the era’s beauty ideals, her career began at the age of 17, when she won … Read more

Index – Culture – Zoltán Iszlai has died

Zoltán Isslai was born on November 7, 1933, in Szeged, his father came from the Székely family in Marosszék, his mother was resettled by the Slovaks from the Highlands. He spent his high school years at the Ciszterci High School in Eger, and in 1957 he graduated from the library department of the ELTE BTK, … Read more

Index – Culture – Lubicked in success and the icy Danube

We are talking about György Schirilla, who was considered a hero by one half of the country – in some places he was, of course – and others referred to him as a half-wit, since can a person who swims across the Danube or runs from Budapest to Moscow be normal? At a time when … Read more

Index – Culture – These were our readers’ favorite series in 2022

The stoppages and delays due to the coronavirus epidemic affected the TV industry a little less this year, in the last 12 months HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ have poured out their new products with full steam in the last 12 months, and the competition has also been joined by Disney+, which brought an … Read more