Israel will allow Saudis to do charity work in East Jerusalem to curb Turkey’s influence

November 26, 2020 at 9:34 AM Israel has agreed to allow Saudi Arabia to run charities in East Jerusalem in an attempt to curb Turkey’s influence in the city, the newspaper reported. Israel Hayom. The decision was made during the secret meeting that took place between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince … Read more

Turkey Announces New Restrictions to Curb Expansion of COVID-19

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced on Tuesday new measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic in the country, among them, the reduction of shop and business hours and the ban on going out at night during the end of week. Shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, hairdressers and similar businesses will only be able to … Read more

Inslee to Issue More Restrictions to Curb COVID-19, Says Food Industry | Sun

Gov. Jay Inslee will announce new restrictions on Sunday to curb the increase in COVID-19 cases, including a ban on indoor social gatherings and service inside restaurants and bars, as well as an occupancy limit in retail stores, according to industry officials who received the notice of staff from the governor’s office. “The governor’s office … Read more

Governments can curb excessive fertilization –

The border between China and Kazakhstan from space: The border between the two countries is defined by the land use policy. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory Many countries could be using less nitrogen fertilizer in their agriculture without compromising crop yield, as an international research team led by ETH scientists David Wüpper and Robert Finger is … Read more

Turkey bans smoking in public places to curb the spread of the virus Smoking AP Smoking Ministry of the Interior

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has banned smoking in public places across the country to curb the spread of COVID-19. In a statement late Wednesday, the ministry said smoking would be banned on busy streets, bus stops and public squares when necessary. He said the national mandate for the use of face masks in public spaces, which … Read more

Turkey Imposes Smoking Ban in Public Areas to Curb COVID-19

ISTANBUL, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) – Smoking in public areas across Turkey is banned from Thursday in order to curb the rise in daily COVID-19 cases, the Interior Ministry announced. “Smoking will be prohibited with immediate effect in areas such as avenues and streets (especially those close to traffic), public squares, as well as public transport … Read more

Climate.- Nine financial institutions support introducing satellite control to curb corporate deforestation

01/08/2020 Deforestation RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY UNIVERSITY OF CINCINATTI MADRID, 6 (EUROPA PRESS) A coalition of nine financial institutions, representing 1.8 trillion euros in assets under management, has come together to offer a satellite monitoring program to monitor corporate deforestation and see if companies are making efforts to reduce deforestation. The initiative, as reported by … Read more

Protests in New York against Trump’s attempts to curb scrutiny • Hola News

ELECTIONS New York, Nov 4 (EFE News) .- Shouting “all votes count, count all votes,” hundreds of people gathered on the steps of the New York Library on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Wednesday to denounce President Donald Trump’s attempts to curb scrutiny in two key states. Among the lions that guard the doors of … Read more

Italy: New restrictions announced to curb COVID

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced new national restrictions on Monday aimed at halting the rise in coronavirus cases, including closing museums and shopping malls on weekends, and limiting movement between regions. Conte outlined the new measures to lawmakers on Monday, ahead of a new decree expected soon. He said that shopping centers will be … Read more

Boris Johnson orders confinement in England until December to curb COVID-19

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced this Saturday a new closure in England starting this Thursday, November 5, which will last until December 2, as a measure to stop the advance of the coronavirus. The announcement comes at a time when the European country has just overcome he million cases of covid-19. Until this … Read more