Draghi’s 17 months in government: from the curfew to Ukraine, the challenges he faced

13/16 © IPA / Photogram At the political level does not pass il referendum on justice of June 2022. In these 17 months of Draghi’s government, local elections punish the M5S e reward the Democratic Partywhose alliance wins a Milan, Naples, Bologna and Catanzarowhile the center-right prevails a Palermo, Genoa, Trieste and L’Aquila and in … Read more

Jesolo, the “curfew” expected for all summer weekends is coming | Today Treviso | News

<!– –> JESOLO – The curfew arrives on the weekend in Jesolo. Or at least keep an eye on the restrictions that will be signed by the new mayor Christofer De Zotti and will be valid from this weekend. Hard fist of the municipality therefore against excesses, especially nocturnal, which are increasingly registered in the … Read more

Nigerian state curfew after demonstrations surrounding the death of a student

A curfew has been imposed in the Nigerian state of Sokoto for at least 24 hours. The reason is a demonstration by hundreds of residents against the arrest of two students, who are allegedly involved in the death of a fellow student. Christian Deborah Samuel was lynched on Thursday by a crowd of students from … Read more

Residents of Rome set their own ‘curfew’ against wild boar attacks: ‘He sat on my head’ | Abroad

The north of the Italian capital Rome has been ravaged for months by wild boars that attack the residents at night. Residents have now imposed a curfew themselves because they believe that the Roman authorities are doing too little against the nuisance of the aggressive animals. Victim Marta Santangelo was attacked in the evening when … Read more

Peru president lifts curfew within day after ongoing protest

Due to the war in Ukraine, the prices of fuel and food have risen rapidly in Peru, which was already suffering from high inflation. Western sanctions against Russia have pushed prices even further. Last month inflation in Peru reached its highest level in 26 years. In the past two weeks, truck drivers, among others, protested … Read more

During the curfew, 160 saboteurs were arrested in Kiev, according to a News correspondent

“Today I was in two places that were hit by Russian shelling of Grad volley rockets. It was on the border of Kiev’s Shevchenko and Podil districts. There were four injured and several destroyed residential buildings on the site, “Rokotansky told Novinka. Authorities said more than 160 people were detained. They were all part of … Read more

Outside during the curfew, Hassan takes a big risk: “I honestly thought it ended at five, not six…”

Hassan is 27 years old and finds himself before the Criminal Court of Charleroi for a case which he would have done well. And given the reactions of the court and the prosecution, everyone would have done well. On the night of December 4 to 5, 2020, in the midst of a curfew linked to … Read more

COVID-19: curfew remains in effect, parties are banned

The curfew will be maintained, the government has announced via the Suriname Communications Service (CDS). The new COVID-19 measures will come into effect on Wednesday 9 February and it appears that the curfew is daily from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Parties, including house parties, are prohibited. However, the regulations for inbound and outbound passenger … Read more