After the season curtains: Barcelona changes, eloquent covers and a show on the parquet

As soon as defeat in the final Madrido „Royal“ the club is filled with Barcelona and why has basketball disappeared from the front pages of Catalan newspapers? What changes will take place in the composition of the Barcelona team in the summer, and why can we see even more nuances related to Lithuania on the … Read more

After the Curtains of the House, the Turtle Building’s “Dome” was painted

JAKARTA, – A number of work projects within the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) have drawn controversy. The projects were not considered urgent, but the budget was fantastic. For example, the project for the procurement of curtains for the official residence of members of the DPR, which amounts to Rp. 43.5 billion. After nearly … Read more

Feeling Embarrassed, Dedi Mulyadi Asks for the Rp 43.5 Billion House Curtains Project to be Canceled – Deputy Chairman of Commission IV DPR RI Dedi Mulyadi suggest that Project for the procurement of curtains for the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia worth Rp 43.5 billion was cancelled. This is because the project is not very important and in fact makes public noise. “I think the curtain replacement … Read more

PKB Politicians Reveal Budget for Replacing Curtains for His Official Home Only Rp. 30 Million

Member of DPR RI PKB Faction Luqman Hakim (Source: Personal document) Writer : Fadel Prayoga | Editor : Edy A. Putra JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, the PKB faction, Luqman Hakim, revealed that the budget for replacing the curtains at his official residence was only Rp. 30 million. Therefore, … Read more

The Office of the Winner of the Indonesian House of Representatives Curtains Tender Rp. 43.5 Billion Like Uninhabited Ruko

Kota Tengerang, Banten – The tender for the procurement of curtains from the DPR RI worth Rp. 43.5 billion, which is now being widely discussed, was won by PT Bertiga Mitra Solusi. Who is the company, following is the investigation of the tvOnenews team on Tuesday, (10/5/2022). PT Bertiga Mitra Solusi, the winner of the … Read more

Visiting the Office of the Winner of the Tender for Curtains for the House of Representatives, Rp.43 Billion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Procurement tender winner curtains for the official house of members of the DPR RIPT Bertiga Mitra Solusi, is still silent about the victory. Previously, the company, which is located in the Green Lake City area, Tangerang, Banten, was declared the winner with a bid value of IDR 43.5 billion. visited … Read more

Tender for Curtains for House of Representatives Office Won by Highest Bidder Rp43.5 M

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Replacement tender curtain for official residence membership DPR was officially won by participants who offered a price of IDR 43.5 billion. The winner of this tender is the participant with the highest bid price. The winner is PT Bertiga Mitra Solusi which is located in the Green Lake City area, Tangerang, … Read more

K. Maksvytis, who blushed in Panevėžys with Žalgiris, shouted without curtains: “Shame”

“Žalgiris” lost the duel 67:85. This defeat for the Lithuanian champions was painful twice – K. Maksvytis not only failed for the first time as the coach of “Žalgiris”, but also, together with his students, lost even theoretical opportunities to take the first position in the LKL regular season. Rytas, who climbed to the top … Read more

3 Ways to Place the Sofa in Front of the Window Without Disturbing the View of the Courtyard all

JAKARTA, – Adjusting the position sofa inside House can be quite complicated. Just a little wrong, room will feel narrow, the road will be blocked, and the view of the house looks full. For a windowed room alone, the position of the sofa must be adjusted properly so as not to block the view … Read more

Some Factions in the DPR Consider Not Urgent, Whose Desire is Procurement of IDR 48.7 Billion Curtains?

JAKARTA, – Plan for the procurement of curtains for 505 housing units for members DPR whose total budget ceiling is Rp 48.7 billion, apparently not fully supported by members of the Council. A number of faction representatives considered that the procurement was not urgent and could be channeled to other more important things. “We … Read more