How to prevent the Internet from being cut off when sharing a network in Windows

Why the connection is cut when sharing network Share the connection with other devices it can cause certain problems. One of the most common is that the connection directly stops working. Cuts appear and we cannot navigate neither from the computer, from which we share the network, nor from the other device. There are different … Read more

Stressed by Divorce, Children in Jember Cant Cut Their Own Mother

Jakarta – The man named Mishanto (45), a resident of Pasar Alas Hamlet, Silo, JemberEast Java, the heart slit the throat his own biological mother, Sadima (65) while sleeping in the room. The perpetrator is suspected of being stressed divorced with his wife. Reported from detikJatim, Monday (15/8/2022), according to one resident, Muhliseh (47), Mishanto … Read more

Russia threatens to cut bilateral ties if US does this

Moscow – Authority Russia throws the latest warning on United States of America (US). Moscow stressed that bilateral relations between the two countries would be severed if the confiscation of Russian assets was carried out, also if Russia was designated as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’. As reported ReutersSaturday (13/8/2022), the latest warning was delivered … Read more

Russia threatens to cut ties with US if assets are seized

loading… Russia has threatened to cut ties with the US if its assets are seized. Photos/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia threatened to completely end bilateral relations with United States of America (USA) if Moscow’s assets were seized by Washington. This threat was made by Alexander Darchiev, Head of the North America Department at the Russian Foreign … Read more

a car cut out in a field

Published on Friday, August 12, 2022 at 7:25 p.m. Walkers still can’t believe it. As they traveled the roads of the Nechinese entity, some came across a sight they would have done without. Along a path through fields, they discovered the carcass of a completely boned car. Only a few pieces of bodywork remained. The … Read more

[POPULER SAINS] NASA’s Perseverance Mars Aims for Landing Debris | Perseid Meteor Shower Peak | Viral Video of Elementary School Children’s Hair Cut by Teacher All – Photo Perseverance NASA who was aiming for the rubble at its landing site at planet Mars be one popular news Science throughout Wednesday (10/8/2022). NASA’s Perseverance, first lands on the surface Mars on February 18, 2021. The Perseverance rover landing debris shot turned out to be quite a lot. The team has recorded … Read more

Hassan Nasrallah threatens Israel to “cut off the hand” that will extend to Lebanon’s oil and offshore gas

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, warned Israel that the hand that would extend to Lebanon’s oil and gas would be “cut off”, calling on the party’s elements to prepare for “all possibilities.” Nasrallah said, in a speech on the commemoration of Ashura in the southern suburbs of Beirut, … Read more

“You have to be a surgeon or a butcher to be able to cut a body so cleanly”: the rue des Hirondelles affair, the infanticide that shook Brussels in 1906

Belgian “Cold case”: the Marquise du Chasteler was adored, yet she was murdered La Libre takes you to the depths of Belgian criminal history to retrace six unsolved cases – cold cases. This second episode takes you to 1889, to Moulbaix, near Ath, to discover the case of the assassination of the Marquise du Chasteler … Read more

Barcelona threatens De Jong .. salary cut or disclosure of “crime”

Barcelona has threatened Dutch player Frenkie de Jong to take legal measures related to his contract signed in 2020 with former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, if he does not agree to the transfer or reduce his salary, according to a report issued by The Athletic Network. De Jong signed a contract with Barcelona in the … Read more

EU: Russia invents pretexts to cut off gas supplies

However, the representative of the European Commission (EC) Erik Mamers rejected this and accused Moscow of using the energy supply to blackmail Europe for its position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “There is nothing in the sanctions that prohibits the turbine, the Siemens turbine, from being brought to Russia,” Mamer told reporters. “Everything else that … Read more