The Czech hockey players will not defend their bronze at the World Cup, they lost to the USA 0:3 in the quarterfinals

Update: 25.05.2023 22:37 Issued by: 25.05.2023, 09:36 Hockey World Championship match – quarter-finals: Czech Republic – USA, May 25, 2023, Tampere. Players of the Czech Republic after a lost match. CTK/Taneček David Tampere (Finland) – The Czech hockey players lost 0:3 to the United States of America in the quarter-finals of the World Championship in … Read more

Government: The Czech Republic will refrain from the debate on the adoption of the Istanbul Treaty at the EU level

Update: 24.05.2023 19:29 Issued by: 24.05.2023, 16:35 Prime Minister Petr Fiala (left) visited the Ministry of Justice as part of his balance visits and held talks with Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (right), January 30, 2023, Prague. The picture is from the press conference after the meeting. CTK/Šulová Kateřina Prague – During the EU negotiations … Read more

The number of victims of flooding in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region has risen to nine

Update: 17.05.2023 13:57 Issued by: 17.05.2023, 13:57 A car drives through the flooded village of Castel Bolognese, Italy, on May 17, 2023. CTK/AP/Luca Bruno Rome – The number of victims of flooding in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, located in the northeastern part of the country, rose to nine during the day. The Italian media … Read more

The net profit of the ČSOB group in the first quarter fell by 22% to CZK 3.6 billion

Update: 16.05.2023 17:54 Issued by: 16.05.2023, 17:18 Bank ČSOB – logo. Illustrative photo. CTK/ČTK Prague – ČSOB Group’s net profit in the first quarter fell by 22 percent to 3.6 billion crowns. The volume of assets under its management rose by 12 percent to 326 billion crowns. The number of clients increased year-on-year by 55,000 … Read more

The Economist: The Czech Republic is second in the index of clientelistic capitalism

Update: 03.05.2023 16:26 Issued by: 03.05.2023, 16:26 London – There are hundreds of billionaires in the world who are believed to derive their wealth largely from a “crony” relationship with the state. This so-called crony capitalism is most evident in Russia, where the property of billionaires originating from close friendly relations with the state accounts … Read more

The CNB kept interest rates unchanged, improved the outlook for the economy and raised the inflation estimate

Update: 03.05.2023 17:37 Issued by: 03.05.2023, 14:36 Prague – The Banking Council of the Czech National Bank (ČNB) left the base interest rate at seven percent today. Four board members supported it, three voted for a 0.25 percentage point increase. CNB Governor Aleš Michl said after the meeting that if a credible consolidation package is … Read more

The police found 2,800 violations during the event, most of them related to speed

Update: 24.04.2023 13:55 Issued by: 24.04.2023, 13:55 Prague – Almost 2,800 violations were detected by the police on Friday during a security operation in which they focused on compliance with speed on the roads in the Czech Republic. Although the public was informed in advance about the checks and patrol stations, most of the detected … Read more

Prigozhin allegedly forbade mercenaries in Ukraine to take prisoners, they are to kill everyone

Update: 24.04.2023 05:49 Issued by: 24.04.2023, 05:49 Kyiv – Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder and financier of Wagner’s (in Russian transcription Vagnerov) group, allegedly ordered his mercenaries not to take prisoners during the fighting in Ukraine, but to kill all opponents on the spot. With reference to a statement on social networks, the Unian agency and … Read more

Energy prices for consumers will probably decrease, experts say

Update: 20.04.2023 13:32 Issued by: 20.04.2023, 13:32 Prague – Energy prices for end customers will probably continue to fall during this year. And this despite the fact that the situation on the energy exchange has stabilized and wholesale prices will not change much. However, energy prices will not return to the level of the period … Read more

In the next two weeks, Fiala will head on a tour of Asian countries

Update: 13.04.2023 11:38 Issued by: 13.04.2023, 11:38 Prague – Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) will visit the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the next two weeks. He will be accompanied by a business delegation on his week-long trip to Asia, which he will embark on this weekend. It will also include representatives … Read more