The new Škoda Octavia will get a simple atmospheric engine, but the Czechs are unlucky

The Russian representation of Škoda Auto has announced the first information about the new Octavia, which will enter the local market in the liftback body in September. On that occasion, she announced a selection of engines that will be available. An atmospheric 16,000-horsepower with an output of 81 kW and 110 horsepower will be available … Read more

Czechs bypass handcuffs in the car by home improvers, eighty unrestrained people die every year

Unfortunately, the experience from the places of traffic accidents shows that Czech DIY takes over even in the case of handcuffing in a car, or bypassing the signaling of an unrestrained passenger. This is increasingly used in modern cars in the rear seats. “Drivers bypass the seatbelt signaling device in various ways – a seat … Read more

Czechs also carry coronavirus from abroad. Most infected came from Croatia

Croatia has long been one of the most popular summer destinations for Czech tourists. The Ministry of Health stated on Twitter today that it now records numerous cases of covid-19 among participants in mass events during their holidays in Croatia. On Friday, therefore, he advised these people to be cautious when returning to the Czech … Read more

There are more and more Czechs taking covid from vacation. Mainly from Croatia

Russia reported 4,921 new cases of coronavirus infection and 121 deaths on Saturday. The day before, there were 4,870 new cases and 90 deaths. The weekly increase is thus below 0.5 percent. A total of 951,897 people have been infected in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic, of whom 16,310 have been infected, the … Read more

Managers or athletes are rapidly increasing among Czech homeless people

Markéta has only been living on the street for a few weeks. Before she finished it, she had an attractive job and a high position. “I’ve been on the street for two months now, I’ve been working on film, on production. I stopped paying rent and started drinking alcohol. I’ll tell you who’s on the … Read more

Czechs in action, Wednesday 19 August Only Vrbenský advanced to the quarterfinals at the challenger in Prague

Only Michael Vrbenský advanced to the quarterfinals in the challenger at Štvanice in Prague, without a fight after the announcement of the tournament four Philipp Kohlschreiber. On the other hand, Jiří Lehečka, Zdeněk Kolář and Tomáš Macháč were not among the top eight. Other Czechs played in ITF tournaments. .

Thousands of Czechs in Britain are at risk of not being settled. They lack valid documents – ČT24 – Czech Television

For example, Renata, 52, who has lived in the north of England for ten years, succeeded in applying for resident status. But the rest of her family is dealing with invalid documents. “There are long waiting times at embassies, so if we make an appointment, it can take half a year, three-quarters of a year,” … Read more

Holidays in Greece will make Czechs more expensive due to tests! Many people want to cancel tours

Many Czechs are now considering canceling the trip due to Greece’s decision. However, the cancellation fee can be up to one hundred percent a week before departure. “We are going in a group of four people and two of them are students. So for them it is a much more tangible intervention in the budget,” … Read more

Roe deer, boar and pheasant. The state attracts game from the forests, while the Czechs do not “smell” too much

The state wants to entice the Czechs to consume game. The project Forests of the Czech Republic and Military Forests and Estates of the Czech Republic called From the Forest to the Table is to help with this. Since last week, it has been possible to buy deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, pheasants or, … Read more