Fraudsters have a new trick. Czechs lost a quarter of a billion crowns because of it last year alone

The Association for the Protection of Car Owners warns of a relatively new trend in the used trade. These are short-term re-registrations of vehicles intended to improve the origin of used cars. A car with an “unsuitable” origin in a country known for its low quality second-hand vehicles may be registered in Germany for a … Read more

Škoda revealed the technology of the new Superb and Kodiaq, and the Czechs won’t be able to do it in the slightest

Škoda revealed the technology of the new Superb and Kodiaq, and the Czechs won’t be able to do it in the slightest 21.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Škoda Auto Not that Škoda tailored its cars to the Czechs in recent decades, but at least it tried to tailor them to other customers. The new … Read more

Czechs most often play on the computer. PlayStation 5 is also in the pipeline

When it comes to gaming equipment, the gaming community is usually divided into two irreconcilable camps. Proponents of consoles rightly argue that it is cheaper to buy a console and that all games run smoothly for the entire life of this device, i.e. at least four years – until the launch of a new model. … Read more

Deputies by half, abolish the Senate completely. Czechs want to brush the parliament

Germany will have fewer MPs from the next term. From the current 736, their number will be reduced to 630, government lawmakers voted on Friday. The readers of would thin out the Czech Chamber of Deputies, they would even abolish the Senate completely. Almost 22 thousand readers think that the number of members … Read more

Thousands of Czechs are already using a savings product that will improve your finances

Slovenská banka scores points on the Czech market in the competitive environment of domestic savings products mainly thanks to its flexibility and easy online access. In addition, the entire savings account is completely unconditional – no fees, no limits and free of charge. “I am pleased that our product Savings without limits is extremely successful … Read more

Constantin Kinský: We Czechs are in some ways baroque people, we just don’t know it about ourselves

Additional money from subsidies is heading to the Žďár Castle. As part of the National Renewal Plan, you will receive over 150 million crowns, which will be used to build a creative center. Where specifically? In the building of the former convention, which was previously used by the National Gallery in Prague. She had a … Read more

Brave Czechs? Everything is different, a large survey shows

Show more Are you surprised by the result? The reason for such a low proportion of people who perceive themselves as courageous is partly also that everyone imagines something different by the term courage. But the survey also shows that courage is important in life for only half of Czechs. They value quality work more … Read more

Three out of four Czechs withdraw cash just to be sure, most often once a month

“According to the survey, most people prefer cashless payments. But they still go to the ATM sometimes, not because they want to, but because sometimes they just have to. In many places, they still need money in physical form and have no other option to pay,” said Jiří Suchý from Air Bank, which conducted the … Read more

Big e-shop comparison: Czechs are different from the rest of Europe

On average, seven out of ten Czechs shop online. In Europe, this way of spending is even more popular, mainly thanks to Western countries. On average, almost eight out of ten residents shop there at least occasionally at the e-shop. The average age of e-shop fans is 42 years, Czechs and Czech women, who are … Read more

Czechs have been tightening their belts for months. They can go out of business because of it

According to statistics, Czechs have been tightening their belts for the ninth month. Retail sales are falling, savings are being made on food, apartment furnishings and even less shopping is done on the Internet. According to experts, shops may soon go bankrupt because of this, especially in smaller towns. In the Czech Republic, savings are … Read more