Flu and Measles Vaccines Could Help Flatten the COVID-19 Curve, Study Finds

Researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine (United States) and Oxford University (United Kingdom) have shown that even vaccines against flu and measles could help reduce the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study, published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, crystallizes decades of scientific evidence suggesting that the generalized immune-boosting properties … Read more

“The Power of the Dog” and “West Side Story” reign at deflated Golden Globes

With the world of film and television turning its back completely, the Golden Globes celebrated its saddest and most irrelevant edition this Sunday with an event without Hollywood stars or television broadcast that crowned “The Power of the Dog” and the new “West Side Story”. In a normal year, the chronicles of the Golden Globes … Read more

Two police officers are fired for ignoring a robbery to go pokemon hunting

Two Los Angeles police officers were fired for ignoring a request for reinforcements to attend a robbery at a California mall, preferring to go pokemon hunting. Officers Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell dismissed calls from patrols trying to control a robbery at a store to go find two virtual figures from the Pokémon Go video … Read more

The Son of the Saint prepares to retire

Surrounded by masks, T-shirts and products with his image, El Hijo del Santo, who continues the legacy of Mexico’s most iconic wrestler, receives the love of his fans at an autograph signing in his Mexico City store, a strategy with which he prepares to retire. “I have two years planning my retirement and mentally I … Read more

Neruda’s Nobel was on the air for his “communist tendency”, according to the newspaper

The committee that awarded Pablo Neruda the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 had doubts about the Chilean’s suitability due to his “communist tendencies”, according to the Swedish daily “Svenska Dagbladet” published this week. According to the minutes of the Swedish Academy, to which said media had access after they were declassified, the five-member committee … Read more

The flow has decreased in vaccination centers and PCR tests

In the city of Santo Domingo the presence of people in the vaccination centers has decreased, on Sunday morning there were less than ten people, most of them inoculating the third dose, few for the second. Mr. José Gilberto Guerra was the exception in the vaccination center located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, … Read more

The Golden Globes look into the abyss between boycott and insignificance

Los Angeles, USA No champagne in every corner, no stars or red carpet, no accredited press and no gala on television. The Golden Globes face their most controversial edition this Sunday under the shadow of the Hollywood boycott due to its many scandals and at the risk of becoming inconsequential awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press … Read more

British advisers do not recommend fourth dose of the vaccine

UK government advisers advised against giving a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to nursing home residents over the age of 80 because data shows that the third offers lasting protection against hospital admissions. For people over 65, protection against hospitalization remains at about 90% three months after receiving the third injection, according to data … Read more

Marcos Berríos, NASA Astronaut Candidate, Underlines Hispanic Values

Marcos Berríos, commander of the United States Air Force and NASA astronaut candidate, expressed emotionally this Friday in a conversation on Twitter how “the family values ​​that exist in the Hispanic world” have marked him and helped him to be so close to achieve his childhood “dream”, “fly into space”. Berríos, of Puerto Rican origin, … Read more

There are shopping centers that are not requiring the vaccination card

The use of a mask, taking a temperature, social distancing and the application of disinfectant gel continue to be the main prevention measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the main mallsHowever, presenting the vaccination card is not a priority. It is recalled that since last October 17 it is necessary to show … Read more