Bad weather forecast for California: Fires out of control in many places

In Northern California, massive forest fires continue to rage despite 14,000 firefighters. The weather forecasts are unfavorable. The firefighters prepare for stormy weather with lightning. Almost a quarter of a million people had to leave their homes. By Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles There are few places in the world where the air quality … Read more

Champions League final: Flick and Tuchel put on a poker face

Before the Champions League final, Bayern coach Hansi Flick and PSG coach Thomas Tuchel will play poker over line-up and tactics. Who has the better cards in the end? The Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday (23.08.2020) cast its shadow the evening before. The coaches Hansi Flick and Thomas Tuchel … Read more

Corona pandemic: search for the origin of the virus

The corona virus continues to spread rapidly around the globe. But where does it come from? Scientists around the world are trying to trace the pathogen’s traces. But the place of origin is still uncertain. By Christian Baars and Stella Peters, NDR Michel Schmitt sits in front of his computer and points to white spots … Read more

US mass murderers: lifelong for “Golden State Killer”

In the 1970s and 1980s, the “Golden State Killer” committed several murders and dozens of rapes in California. Now the 74-year-old has been sentenced to life imprisonment. By Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles With the verdict, one of the darkest chapters in California criminal history comes to an end. The trial was a martyrdom … Read more

Presidential campaign: Biden officially nominated for the US Democrats

The US Democrats have formally nominated Joe Biden as their presidential candidate. As expected, the 77-year-old received the required number of delegate votes at the largely virtual party congress. The US Democrats have nominated Joe Biden as their candidate for the White House. As expected, the former US Vice President received the necessary number of … Read more

Media on test failure in Bavaria: “Dangerous overconfidence”

The comments on the test failure are full of criticism of Prime Minister Söder and his state government: You have massively embarrassed yourself, it is said, for example. But the federal government is also seen to have an obligation. The “Nürnberger Nachrichten” sharply criticizes the Munich state government: “The realization is not new: Bavarian politics … Read more

Protests against police in Belarus: “Shame on you!”

Since the controversial presidential election in Belarus, the police have been using firearms and tear gas against demonstrators. Hundreds of women in Minsk now opposed the officials – and condemned the brutal violence. For the fourth day in a row, protesters in Belarus took to the streets against the controversial President Alexander Lukashenko. Hundreds of … Read more

Corona crisis: TUI receives further billions in aid

TUI had already received a loan of 1.8 billion euros – but the money was not enough. Now further state aid is to be paid to the ailing travel company. Thousands of jobs will still be lost. The world’s largest travel company TUI is to receive further state aid to bridge the business slump in … Read more

Presidential election in Belarus: Police take action against demonstrators

The Belarusian state media are already announcing the election victory of the ruler Lukashenko, but the opposition sees his rival Tichanovskaya ahead. There are clashes with the police in several cities. After the controversial presidential election in Belarus, clashes broke out between the police and protesters. In the capital Minsk, the police attacked the demonstrators … Read more

Right colony in Canada: Cape Breton fears for its reputation

A few days ago it was widely reported that a right-wing group in Canada wanted to build a German colony of like-minded people. The people in the region are horrified. They fear for their reputation. By Antje Passenheim, ARD studio New York There is a lot of nature. There is good salmon. There are 14 … Read more