Noginsk. The gas explosion damaged the building. Two people died

The drama took place in front of the family 7. The explosion took place in a residential building in the Bogorodzk district in the city of Noginsk, 50 km from Moscow. As reported by the Russian media, the gas explosion was most likely the direct cause of the catastrophe. Under the force of the explosion, … Read more

Anti-vaccination documentary – Til Schweiger: Daughter «damaged» by vaccination

– Til Schweiger: daughter “damaged” by vaccination The actor says his daughter has had narcolepsy since she got the swine flu vaccination. The documentary criticizes the Covid vaccination recommendation for children and adolescents. Pascal Blum Published: 09/08/2021, 11:32 am The corona virus is “absolutely harmless” for children: Til Schweiger at the Zurich Film Festival in … Read more

‘General Lee’ by protagonist Dukes of Hazzard heavily damaged by hurricane | drive

The 61-year-old actor, who played Bo Duke during the series’ six-year run, first revealed the destruction of his Holden, Louisiana property on Facebook. One of those photos shows a replica of the General Lee car being crushed by a tree. Other parts of his estate were also heavily damaged by the storm. The TV show, … Read more

In Estonia, 68 thousand were damaged. AstraZeneca vaccine doses

“No one other than the manager may be held liable for this responsibility, [todėl] the decision to resign was taken on my own initiative, “he told reporters on Monday. On June 23-24, the temperature in the refrigerators of the Department of Health, where the stocks of vaccines and medicines were stored, rose to +15 degrees … Read more

buyers for damaged homes

What to do with his damaged house? Real estate agencies are seeing it: a series of homeowners are choosing to sell right away and leave rather than repair. There are buyers ready to renovate in their place, to resell afterwards or to put tenants there. Consequence: the sociology of the Vesdre valley could change. We … Read more

Two US F-35B stealth fighter jets damaged by lightning in Japan

loading… OKINAWA – Two planes F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter jet A sophisticated United States (US) device was damaged after being struck by lightning in the sky of Makurazaki in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. Both planes, assigned to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni, landed safely after the lightning strike and no pilot was injured. Also … Read more

Olympic gold medalists demonstrate special skills for repairing damaged kayaks with condoms-IT and Sports-cnBeta.COM

After winning a bronze medal on Tuesday, Australian Olympian Jessica Fox (Jessica Fox) won another gold medal in the kayaking event on Thursday.Many netizens learned of the good news through the Instagram account of The Hightlights Club AU, and also learned a special repair skill. Jessica Fox said-you may not think of it, the sleeve … Read more

They gathered and went to Moravia. Roofers from Domažlice repaired damaged roofs

A group of five craftsmen worked from seven in the morning to six in the evening. “On the first day we put sails on the roofs of houses in Lusatia, then we moved to Moravská Nová Ves. But laths, foils, bags and other things were missing. We were saved by První Chodská, who quickly obtained … Read more

Damaged Nerves and Immune Cell Accumulation in Cornea Are New Symptoms of Long COVID-19 – Nerve damage and accumulation of immune cells in the cornea Eyes are one of the new symptoms long COVID-19 . Although the initial results of the study still need to be carried out in larger groups of people, researchers actually already suspect that the nerve damage that occurs could be related to the … Read more