Bellakath dances his new song in the airport and criticism rains down on him

Katerinne Huerta, popularly known as Bellakath, caused controversy by dancing to his most recent musical premiere. The track is entitled “Papi quiero perrear” and, like other of her songs, it has been the target of criticism in social networks. The original singer of the Mexico City became the icon of the moment thanks to “Gatita”, … Read more

6 million viewers! Nara dances Ma Boy backstage. Dressed up can be sexy. Someone is losing symptoms…

Very viral, 6 million views! Nara Thepnupha showed her Ma Boy dance steps in the center of the stage. A neat outfit can be sexy. CD Kantee even lost her… Image from Instagram gunteee It became a viral that people flocked to watch. after net idols and actresses Nara Thep Nupha Get up and dance … Read more

Stunned by the whole concert! The chipmunk dances 2 rounds of somersaults, the bra straps are torn off.

as expectedThe mother dance line Kratae R Siam 2 rounds of somersaults, the bra straps are torn off in the middle of the stage Luk Thung, the mother’s daughter, opens the thrilling shot clip. While dancing somersaulting in the middle of the stage until the bra straps ripped off with a caption saying#Almost gone!!! The … Read more

China dances with metaphors. Now the US is being warned of “catastrophic consequences”

07.03.2023 17:43 Updated 08.03.2023 09:47 He likes to talk in pictures, Qin Gang. When the newly minted Chinese foreign minister met the press for a carefully planned session in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, he supplied himself with a whole fruit basket of metaphors. – This is like buttoning the first shirt … Read more

Luciana Fuster dances to the rhythm of the song by Flavia Laos in a presentation at Esto es Guerra ‘Si se nos da’ | show business | VIDEOS | trcm | SHOWS

Flavia Laos appeared in Esto es Guerra and performed her new song, alongside Handa, making the entire cast of the popular reality show dance, including the current partner of her ex Patricio Parodi, Luciana Fuster. It will interest you: Juliana Oxenford considered giving up; but she continues on ATV Flavia he was a jury in … Read more

Watch.. Assi El-Hellani carries his daughter “Marita” on her shoulders while she dances at her engagement party

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Lebanese actress, Marita El-Hillani, published a video clip on social media of her father, the artist Assi El-Hillani, and her brother, carrying her on the shoulders, in celebration of her engagement, which took place yesterday, Monday. The video showed Assi El-Hellani and his son, “Al-Walid”, carrying “Marita” on their shoulders, and dancing … Read more

Ex-actor Dances with Wolves arrested in Vegas for leading ‘child abuse sect’ | Abroad

2 hours ago in ABROAD Agents arrest ex-actor Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse. Ⓒ ANP / Associated Press LAS VEGAS – Native American former actor Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse has been arrested in Las Vegas. He is suspected, among other things, of leading a kind of cult where children were sexually abused, sex trafficking … Read more

Doda dances in the middle of the street with Pachut and without a moment’s hesitation wraps his legs around him. There is a recording

The true feeling of Doda and Dariusz Pachut blooms in the best Some time ago, Doda was looking for myocious w program Doda. 12 steps to love. Despite the heroes’ efforts, none of them managed to fall in love with the singer. However, Dariusz Pachut managed to do this, who in the past met, among … Read more