actress-niranjana-anoop-dancing-with-ramzan-muhammed | Niranjan steps in with Ramzan; Video

photo from Instagram Actress Niranjana Anoop and Ramzan Mohammad shared a new dance video. They are dancing to the song ‘Snehitane Snehitane’ from the movie ‘Alai Payute’. The song is composed by AR Rahman with lyrics by Vairamuthu. Niranjan shared the video on social media. The video of the two went viral in a short … Read more

Olympic ice dancing champions Papadakis and Cizeron have announced a break

Twenty-seven-year-old French dancers have had a dream season. At the Beijing Olympics, their first major race since Euro 2020, they won the coveted gold from Pyongyang. Then, in front of the home crowd in Montpellier, they rejoiced in the fifth world title. There has been speculation that their highly successful career will not end there, … Read more

Netizens are intense! After ‘My Mate Nate’ posted a couple dancing clip, ‘Eva’ even asked if it was still your IG. There are only mice – confused.

Netizens are intense! After ‘My Mate Nate’ posted a couple dancing clip, ‘Eva’ even asked if it was still your IG. There are only mice – confused. causing netizens and fans to stare at the back My Mate Nate famous young youtuber At this time to work with Ava Pavorawan Ten-billion-dollar actress until a strong … Read more

Egypt..a harsh punishment awaits a rich and dancing young man in a mosque

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The incident erupted when tweeters shared a video of a young man singing songs "festivals" and dances to the tunes Music Its own voice was heard on the loudspeaker inside a mosque, which sparked great resentment from this scene. On her part, I ordered The Egyptian Public Prosecution By seizing … Read more

The “dancing goalkeeper” intended to quit to become a teacher and was stopped by Wenger

Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne grabbed the spotlight and became the most prominent headline in the media, after leading his country to the 2022 World Cup at the expense of Peru, and after his strange acrobatic behavior during the penalty shootout. The actions of the goalkeeper, who came on as a substitute before the penalty shootout, … Read more

Angelina and Brad’s daughter shows off her impressive dancing skills to Lizzo!

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is our star of the day! The daughter ofAngelina Jolie et Brad Pitt follows in his parents’ footsteps and pursues a career in showbiz! Aged 16, the young woman is passionate about dancing and takes dance lessons at the renowned Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, California.

Students dancing in ball gowns outside the bombed-out school – VG

The graduating students in Kharkiv, Ukraine, celebrated their graduation from school, even though it was completely destroyed. In mid-May, it was reported that Russian forces had withdrew from Kharkiv in Ukraine. – Now it is calm and people are gradually returning to the city. But unfortunately, many residential buildings have been destroyed or damaged, Kharkiv … Read more

Andrés Hurtado disappointed to see his daughter Gennesis dancing Afro-Peruvian music | Instagram | Because today is Saturday with Andrés RMMN EMCC | SHOWS

Andrés Hurtado shared a video on his Instagram profile starring his daughter Gennesis, who appears dancing Afro-Peruvian music. However, the driver was unsatisfied with his daughter’s performance and said that she was “embarrassing” him. “The shame that my little daughter @gennesishurtado makes me go through, my God! Two left feet, the American wanting to dance … Read more

It used to go viral because of dancing to an Indian song while on duty, the fate of a former policeman to an artist has now changed – He used to be famous because of his videos dancing to Indian songs while on duty. The Fate of a Former Policeman Becoming an Artist now Changed Still remember Norman Kamaru. Read also: Fahri Fadillah pleads with Jokowi after the police test thwarted, the results of the eye test at 2 hospitals turned … Read more

He was unable to have intercourse and could not marry like any man… The legend of belly dancing who breastfed Amr Adib reveals a very embarrassing secret about this famous artist.!!

2022/06/01 It’s 09:50 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Najwa Fouad, is one of the most famous dancers in Egypt and the Arab world, as it is one of the most important pillars of oriental dance. It is considered the first and dominant in this field for years, and has been the face … Read more