A new testimony implicates Dani Alves.. “She told me that he raped her, injured her a lot, and ejaculated inside her.”

– Advertisement – Country- Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves has been detained pending investigation in a rape case since last January, and his case is still getting more complicated, especially after the new testimony of the victim’s cousin. AndDani Alves accused of a crime rape Alleged to a young woman, took place on the night … Read more

Dani La Chepi reappeared and spoke about her health: “I’m finished”

Daniela Viaggiamari, better known as “Dani La Chepi”He is not going through a good time. Due to various issues, He decided to temporarily suspend his social networkswhere most of his work is concentrated. This caused a stir in his followers who began to be surprised by his absence. That is why Ángel de Brito, in … Read more

«They shout ‘you sissy, rapist!’»: former prison companion reveals Dani Alves’ daily life – Spain

May 08, 2023 – 11:12 am Brazilian is “thinner and more depressed” and does not leave the module where his cell is located, except for football Dani Alves remains in prison pending trial in the case in which he is accused of raping a 23-year-old girl on the night of December 31, 2022, at the … Read more

a cow attacks Dani and “throws” her in the air, the worst was narrowly avoided! (video)

CCTV cameras at Matthew’s farm in Cumbria captured a terrifying moment. When his wife wanted to take care of two calves, a usually calm cow turned on Dani and attacked her. The animal suddenly became aggressive, headbutted the vet, who was “thrown” for a few seconds in the air. In the video, the farmer can … Read more

Dani Alves admits to having lied to hide cheating on his wife

Violation Dani Alves is accused of raping a woman at a bar in Barcelona Photo by Nelson Almeida / Afp Brazilian international footballer Dani Alves admitted this Monday, for the first time, to having consensual sexual intercourse, vaginally and orally, with the young woman who denounced him for alleged rape in a club in Barcelona. … Read more

He dies after a tragic scooter accident at the border, Vallebona pays his last respects to Manuel Dani (photos and videos) – Sanremonews.it

The community of Vallebonathis afternoon, gave a last farewell to Manuel Dani, the 35-year-old died after a tragic scooter accident which took place last Tuesday inside the Balzi Rossi gallery in Ventimiglia. Many people, relatives and friends, gathered in the parish church of San Lorenzo Martire to participate in the holy mass, celebrated by the … Read more

Dani Alves wife visits him in prison after his hunger strike!

After announcing her separation from him, Joana Sanz visited the model and partner of Dani Alves, in prison in Barcelona, ​​​​where the Brazilian player is located after being accused of rape. And according to the Spanish magazine “Hola”, after the Spanish model revealed on social networks that she had ended her relationship with the Brazilian … Read more

‘Dani Alves makes himself popular in prison with special business’

Dani Alves has made himself popular with his fellow prisoners in several ways, media in Spain write this weekend. The 39-year-old Brazilian, who is detained in Barcelona on suspicion of rape, has set up a football competition for detainees. In addition, he would sign shirts for inmates; if it turns out that he is being … Read more

Rapist Dani Alves pleads with his humiliated wife from prison

Former Barcelona football player Dani Alves remains in prison due to sexual harassment and cannot defend himself on bail. The Brazilian soccer player’s wife, Joana Sanz, wants a divorce, but Alves wants to get another chance from the humiliated woman. An investigation into the case of the defender, who is one of the most successful … Read more