Court found guilty those who threw Molotovs in Jadue’s act

The Oral Criminal Court of Osorno found guilty two subjects by the throwing of a Molotov cocktails in an evangelical church. Both guys decided to throw the artifact away because inside the temple, Recoleta’s mayor PC, Daniel Jadue, was speaking at a meeting. The court set for the next July 28 the reading of the … Read more

“The work I did paid off”

The entertainer and humorist Checho Hirane assured that had some responsibility in the defeat of the communist candidate Daniel Jadue in the presidential primaries of the Pact I Approve Dignity. The radio host assured in the program Connected in Agriculture of the mentioned station that “Part of the work I did paid off.” Read also: … Read more

Where I vote? Check your electoral data for the presidential primaries

Servel published a list of table members and updated the information on the polling places this Sunday. This Sunday the presidential primaries are held, where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignidad pacts will define their letters to La Moneda: I approve of Dignity: The deputy Gabriel Boric (Social Convergence) and the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel … Read more

Where I vote? Check your electoral data for the presidential primaries on July 18

The Servel has already updated the electoral information for the elections where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignidad pacts will define their letters for the first round. This Sunday the presidential primaries will be held on July 18, where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignity pacts will define their letters to La Moneda: I approve … Read more

“Others prefer to campaign through the media and debates because they cannot go out on the streets”

The candidate of the pact I Approve Dignity, Daniel Jadue (PC), went out on Tuesday to campaign on the streets of the Metropolitan Region, where issued controversial statements. A few days before the presidential primaries on Sunday, July 18, the mayor of Recoleta indicated that Unlike his opponents, he can go out to do activities … Read more

“It is private property and the State cannot invest in private properties”

The presidential candidate and mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (PC), responded to criticism from the UDI, party from which they said they have not seen a conviction on their part after the damage suffered by the grave of Jaime Guzmán In the past week. Leaders of the unionism and the other parties of Chile Vamos … Read more

Channel 13 responds to Daniel Jadue after saying during presidential primary debate | TV and Show

Canal 13 responded to the sayings of Daniel Jadue, a communist presidential candidate who alluded to the television station in Tuesday’s debate broadcast by CHV / CNN Chile. Through a statement, the channel “deeply” regretted its statements, after the PC militant pointed out that “if Channel 13 defines that it will be the channel of … Read more

“We have been decades without a rule that allows the application of pluralism in the media”

Within his government plan, the presidential candidate of the Communist Party (PC), Daniel Jadue, proposed review media concessions. Besides, andn interview with Radio Pattern, the aspiring to La Moneda said that there are media that “They create realities, rather than represent it”. The Catholic University academic and expert in the media industry, Luis Breull, analyzed … Read more

“He believes that there are magic solutions and he is about to skip the institutional framework”

Javiera Parada, campaign manager for presidential candidate Ignacio Briones (Evópoli), during his recent participation in the program Prime Debate Here addressed the challenges in the face of legal primaries on July 18 in Chile Vamos, ensuring that “it is not a normal elementary school.” He argued that “it is not about the future of Chile … Read more

Daniel Jadue proposes reviewing media concessions | National

This Wednesday, the presidential candidate of the Communist Party, Daniel Jadue, presented its government program, with which it intends to reach La Moneda in the period 2022-2026. Among the more than 200 pages that make up the document, a section called “Right to communication and the media” stands out, where it details its proposals regarding … Read more