150 drug arrests in international darknet investigation

In a major international police operation, 150 people have been arrested and millions of dollars in cash and virtual currency have been seized. The investigation focused on international drug trafficking via the dark web, the US Department of Justice and Europol have announced. Prosecutors say the detainees are responsible for tens of thousands of illegal … Read more

Nearly 4 billion phone numbers for auction on the darknet, fired by the social media app

Clubhouse is a social networking software application for mobile devices developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth which allows multiple conversations via private rooms and by invitation. Marc Ruef, a cybersecurity researcher, discovered 3.8 billion credentials online on the darknet, resulting from a so-called hack of the said application. Among the list, we find not … Read more

Clubhouse has a giant leak? 3.8 billion numbers to buy on the darknet

Marc Ruef – dealing with online security – noticed that she appeared on one of the darknet forums 3.8 billion numbers to sell. Their source is to be the Clubhouse. Importantly, however, we are talking not only about Clubhouse user numbers. The application synchronizes users’ contacts to make it easier to connect with other people … Read more

One of the most wanted “darknet” pedophiles in the world arrested in France

“He was in the Top 10 most wanted pedophiles in the world”: a 40-year-old French father, unknown to the justice system, was arrested in a village in southwest France, suspected of having animated child pornography sites accessible to “thousands of people” on the darknet, the hidden part of the internet. The suspect “had become one … Read more