Hanna Öbergová triumphed at the start of the WC, the seventh Davidová was separated from the degrees by a minute – ČT sport – Czech Television

She has already convinced Hanna Öberg several times in the past that the individual race is extremely beneficial. In addition to second places, he has a victory at the 2019 World Championships and an Olympic triumph in Pyeongchang, which speaks for itself. And to make matters worse, the 27-year-old Öberg now won in this discipline … Read more

Biathlete Markéta Davidová: I am glad that the Olympics in 2026 will return to places where it is normal to do winter sports

Markéta, you still have a lot of work to do before you leave for the first stop of the World Cup in Kontiolahti, Finland. How much more do you have to do? There’s a lot going on, but it’s the classic pre-season chases we’re counting on. What feelings prevail before the start of the season? … Read more

Davidová does not want to set numerical goals. However, he does not regret the decision to continue with biathlon

“I managed quite well to follow the training schedule and I have to say that I had a lot of fun this year. I feel in a better position than a year ago, I’m happy for that. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean much. Doing something well in preparation and then transferring it to … Read more

Bravo! Markéta Davidová takes bronze from the world championship, Mikyska world champion

The winner was Dorothea Wiererová, the winner of Friday’s supersprint, in which Davidová was fourth. The Italian beat the home German Denise Herrmann by 9.4 seconds, David was 30.9 seconds behind. “I’m very happy for the shooting time. It could have been at least one mistake less, but I think it wasn’t bad,” said Davidová. … Read more

Biathletes in full force. Even with Davidova, but she defends two golds against tougher competition

Last year on home soil in Nové Město in Moravia, the Czechs experienced a spectacular record medal harvest (7 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze). Michal Krčmář and Markéta Davidová took two firsts, who also won one silver. The Czech women’s number one recently showed her summer form in Norway, where she claimed her first … Read more

Davidova led for a long time, another triumph was close

Davidová, similar to Friday’s triumph in the supersprint, was once again the fastest in the continuation of the traditional summer event. She was leading in the race, but three mistakes on the shooting range did not allow her to gain a bigger lead. She then lost the first position after a failure in the final … Read more

Season with the globe? Up and down. David still doesn’t know if another will come

In addition to the globe, she scored in the top ten of the World Cup standings for the first time, triumphed at the start of the season in the endurance race in Östersund, and finished fourth and sixth in the Beijing Olympics, losing gold in the final shot. “I don’t think it’s bad. Only some … Read more

Totals closed. How much did Ledecká drive last season?

The FIS officially publishes bonuses, only for downhill skiers and classic disciplines. For others, these are estimates and the amounts are before tax. According to the FIS financial rankings, the king of the season is Odermatt, his rival Aleksander Aamodt Kilde from Norway with 468,900 francs (over 11 million crowns). They are followed by the … Read more

A small crystal globe for the winning Frenchwoman, David is in the top ten overall

Two Czech women were also at the start of the massacre intended for the elite cup thirty. Markéta Davidová was one of his best runners, but she had to take three penalty laps, so in the end she finished fourteenth. In the overall ranking of the World Championships, however, it ranks 10th in life. Jessica … Read more

Early coronation. Fillon Maillet finished second, but he’s already sure of a large crystal globe

Only 19 competitors managed the initial shooting stop, including Krčmář. The French Jacquelin and Fillon-Maillet, along with Nora Bakken and Christiansen, tried to set the pace for the group’s leaders. Nevertheless, a large pack of biathletes arrived on the next lane, crammed into six seconds. However, only twelve men showed the second item to zero. … Read more