The Estella Equality Area offers free training in digital marketing

(Tuesday, January 12, 2021) The Equality Area of ​​the Estella-Lizarra City Council currently offers training in online digital marketing for women entrepreneurs within the state project ‘Extraordinarias’. They are free workshops, of different levels, with the objective of analyzing the potential for digital transformation of your business and give visibility to your companies through three … Read more

Barcelona stops subsidizing the IBI to pay aid for the covid crisis

The City Council no longer reduces the tax on single-parent families because “the emergency situation requires redistribution of material effects” The consistory reminds the recipients that it has had to create a “social shock plan” in the face of the avalanche of requests for help due to the pandemic Or subsidize the IBI to single-parent … Read more

The ‘brexiter’ vaccine, by Luis Mauri

The British nonagenarian Margaret Keenan, the first person vaccinated against covid-19 in the West, he has just involuntarily inscribed his name in the annals of two antithetical subjects. Science Y propaganda. Empirical reason and emotional turmoil. Keenan, blue chair, surgical mask, left arm rolled up as he receives the puncture in the Coventry University Hospital, … Read more