Six new selling points of iPhone 15 Pro! Jindai Squeeze Big Toothpaste-

Text: Tony The iPhone 15 Pro series mobile phones have been exposed many times. Recently, overseas media have summarized 6 new selling points. It can be predicted that the next-generation iPhone will be a product with many selling points. The six new selling points of the iPhone 15 Pro include the application of a titanium … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 series release day exposure: the birth of an epic flagship-

Text: Tony Samsung will announce the Galaxy S series mobile phones before the MWC conference as usual. Recently, Samsung’s Columbia website suddenly leaked promotional images for the first Galaxy Unpacked Event this year, which will reveal the release date. This “self-explosion” situation actually often happens. According to the information in the picture, this Samsung Galaxy … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Specifications Exposure: New Process Improves Performance and Super Energy Saving-

Text: Tony The iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to use the new A17 Bionic chip. Recently, some details of this chip have been exposed, which makes users feel that it is more worth upgrading. The A17 Bionic chip that will be used in the iPhone 15 Pro series will use the new TSMC 3nm … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 series real machine exposure! There will be new disturbances in the operation-

Text: Tony Samsung is rumored to announce a new generation of flagship mobile phones, the Galaxy S23 series, in February next year. Compared with the release of new phones in January in recent years, it seems to be a bit delayed. However, the real appearance of this series of mobile phones has been exposed recently, … Read more

Huawei P60 appearance and specifications exposed: there will be a dynamic island screen-

Text: Tony It has been rumored on the Internet that Huawei’s product launch cycle next year will return to normal, and will launch the flagship phones of the P series and Mate series within one year as usual. Recently, the design and some specifications of the Huawei P60 have been exposed. The most eye-catching thing … Read more

iPhone 15 adds no physical key design: more evidence confirmed-

Text: Tony Recently, there has been a lot of news about the iPhone 15 adopting a new body design. Among them, it is rumored that a curved frame and no physical key design will be added. Recently, there has been more evidence that this phone will adopt a no physical key design. According to sources … Read more

Xiaomi’s true wireless charging function is open: it is expected to reproduce Tesla’s air-to-air technology-

Text: Tony About 200 years ago, the scientist Nikola Tesla published a Tesla Coil Tesla coil, using “resonant electromagnetic induction” technology, using a receiving coil to connect a light bulb, and the light bulb lights up under the action of the induced current. It has become the ancestor of air-to-air technology, but it has not … Read more

Apple interested in buying Manchester United: the price is astronomical-

Text: Tony The FIFA 2022 World Cup has just started. I believe everyone is very concerned about the results of their favorite teams. However, the British football club Manchester United has recently reported that the American owner intends to sell, and the intention to take over is not the oil king of the Middle East … Read more

Apple faces a class action lawsuit from iPhone users: The reasons are closely related to everyone-

Text: Tony Recently, it has been reported that Apple will soon add more advertising areas on the iPhone and iPad in order to increase revenue sources. In order to more accurately place advertisements to the target audience, Apple has always analyzed the user’s usage habits, and users can also stop sharing the data of the … Read more

50mm prime lens to shoot! The Andromeda Galaxy Can’t Be Missed In Fall and Winter –

Text: Alex Besides the moon and the Milky Way in the night sky, what other conspicuous subjects do you think of? Entering autumn and winter, everyone may immediately think of Orion. It is considered to be the most recognizable and most widely known constellation. In fact, you can also consider focusing on Andromeda, but not … Read more