TeamGroup unveils DDR5 T-FORCE DELTA TUF Gaming Alliance RGB in collaboration with Asus

T-FORCE DELTA TUF Gaming Alliance RGB DDR5 Author : Jerome Gianoli In Briefs 01/12/2021 TeamGroup expands its RAM line with the announcement of the T-FORCE DELTA TUF Gaming Alliance RGB DDR5 family. As the name suggests, this is a collaboration with the manufacturer Asus. These DDR5 memory modules are aimed at players who have “fallen … Read more

Windows Media Player returns, DDR5 not available, Windows 11 Enterprise free

A reporter prepares every Friday Jan Sedlák selection of interesting news from the world of IT. What happened this week? Windows Media Player will reincarnate after years. The media player, which has not been touched for a long time, still remains in Windows. New Windows 11 Insider Preview already contains an upgraded application Media Player. DuckDuckGo … Read more

Kingston FURY unleashes DDR5 performance!

Fountain Valley. – Kingston FURY, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced the highly anticipated launch of Kingston FURY ™ Beast DDR5. With higher speed increments, double the banks of 16 to 32, Plug N Play at 4800MHz1 and double the burst length … Read more

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5, performance up to 5200 MHz

With the arrival of the new 12th generation Intel Core processors and Z690 motherboards, a new season opens for the new generation of components, an opportunity that Kingston has not been slow to seize with the launch of your new FURY Beast DDR5 memories, being one of the first brands to incorporate the new memory … Read more

Corsair launches DDR5 memory for next-generation performance and speed

Corsair (President Jae-Chun Park) announced that it will release Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5/hereinafter Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5) and VENGEANCE DDR5 (VENGEANCE DDR5/hereinafter VENGEANCE DDR5) memories that will open the curtains of the DDR5 era. This product, launched by Corsair through more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing premium high-performance memory, … Read more

Did you like DDR5 memory? She will be super expensive

<!– Эльяс Касми –> 21 October 2021 15:4221 Oct 2021 15:42 | Share this Computer hardware manufacturer MSI is confident that at the start of sales in late autumn 2021, DDR5 memory will cost 50-60% more than similar DDR4 strips. This is the biggest difference in price in history – before it did not exceed … Read more

Rumor: Intel Alder Lake-P CPUs for laptops get up to 14 cores and DDR5 – Computer – News

Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-P CPUs for laptops may have a maximum of 14 cores and a TDP of 12 to 45W, according to a leaked roadmap. The roadmap also shows lower-end Alder Lake-M laptop CPUs with up to 10 cores and TDPs from 7 to 15W. The leaked roadmap, published by Wccftech, confirms that the … Read more

DDR5 memory measured performance first exposure | XFastest News

Intel Alder Lake 12th-generation Core processors will first support DDR5 memory, The rated clock is up to 4800MHz, of course, you can continue to overclock, the first batch of DDR5 memories that are on the market at the same time can generally reach 8400MHz. So, what is the performance of DDR5 memory? The first set … Read more

Samsung announced the development of 24-gigabit DDR5 chips – they will allow you to create memory modules of 768 GB

Samsung at the last meeting dedicated to summing up the results of the second quarter of this year announced that it is developing 24-gigabit DDR5 memory chips. In theory, this will allow the production of memory modules up to 768 GB for the server segment. Image source: Samsung “In response to requests from our cloud … Read more