“Mobilize”, the car sharing of Renault dealers, starts from Bergamo

The Renault Group presented Mobilize, one of the 4 Business Units created together with Renault, Dacia / Lada and Alpine. Mobilize is aimed at customers who intend to adopt more sustainable and shared forms of mobility. It responds to new needs and promotes sustainable energy ecosystems, in line with the Renault Group’s zero-carbon footprint goal … Read more

Two arrests in the world of narcotics in Tournai: the dealers tried by all means to escape

There was unrest on Monday noon in the Saint-Piat district in Tournai. Indeed, the police carried out an operation after having spotted two dealers there thanks to an investigation by the Investigation and Research Service of the Tournaisis police zone. The individuals were located in a house on rue Chèrequefosse, narcotics were discovered in a … Read more

The modified Jeep Gladiator Next Level 6×6 will also be sold by Jeep dealers

The three-axle Jeep Gladiator already offers several modifiers today, but Netx Level promises reasonable prices and the possibility of purchasing from authorized Jeep dealers. The Jeep Gladiator pick-up looks unmistakable already in series condition, but shortly after the official start of sales, various conversions began to appear, which promised an even more exceptional look. And … Read more

Dealers Open Lines to Buy Raize-Rocky, Signs So IDR 5 Million

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Toyota and Daihatsu dealers have opened indenture taps Raize and Rocky before the twin cars are believed to be released next week, on April 28. This order was opened with a sign of IDR 5 million. “The info is that the launch is at the end of this month. But orders … Read more

Austria’s dealers in the image check | the incubator

To find out which retailer has the best reputation in this country and has mastered the balancing act between social responsibility to contain the virus, the requirements of customers and the economic aspects of corporate management, even in times of the Corona HV and IMWF a comprehensive study developed for the first time. The 51 … Read more

Aurore Morisse, Belgian model, arrives in Business concluded: “I am hated by old antique dealers”

A Belgian model, Aurore Morisse, arrives in Deal concluded, the auction program presented by Sophie Davant on France 2 and RTBF. “I bought 5 items including a cigarette case estimated at 5,000 euros!”, Aurore Morisse, the new Belgian buyer ofDeal concluded, at the end of his first day of filming in Paris. “ Lother buyers … Read more

REPORT: Drug Dealers Use Fortnite Fan Kids as Smuggling Mules

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums A sad reality in this world is that when something becomes popular, someone will find a way to take advantage of it, even if it means breaking the law and abusing others. This is happening to Fortnite: Battle Royale, … Read more

Profile of Arteria Dahlan, Member of the Council who Suggested that Narcotics Dealers be Shot Dead

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Framework Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Arteria Dahlan, reveal a firm statement against the handling of drug dealer networks. No kidding, he suggested that National Narcotics Agency (BNN) take stern action in the form of shooting dead the city of illicit goods. This was stated by the member of Commission III DPR … Read more

The most popular cars from dealers have been named :: Autonews

Last year, the most popular cars among dealers in Moscow were Lada with a share of 10.72%. This is stated in a study that was conducted by “Avto.ru”. The document is at the disposal of Autonews.ru. The second place in the ranking is occupied by Mercedes-Benz models (7.38%). The first three are Volkswagen cars (6%). … Read more