Princess Eugenia publicly humiliated Kate Middleton, dealt her a terrible blow with this PHOTO

Princess Eugenia got involved in a terrible scandal. Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter has been criticized for her rude treatment of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. And some fans of the royal family immediately suspected that Prince Andrew’s daughter disliked Prince William’s wife. A few days ago, the princess posted on her social network profile … Read more

The agent of “Fahd Al-Mawlid” reveals a surprise about the substance that the player dealt with… and how it reached him • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Ittihad player Fahd Al-Mawlid’s business agent, Jarrah Al-Dhafiri, revealed the nature of the material that Al-Mawlid dealt with, and how it reached him. Al-Dhafiri said, during an interview with the “Kora” program: “The substance taken by the generator is a diuretic, not a stimulant, as some players use it to hide doping substances.” … Read more

Success of Belarusian soldiers. This is how they dealt with the Russians – o2

According to the Ukrainian media, the fighters of the Kastus Kalinowski liquidated a Russian soldierand another was captured. The name of the captured prisoner is Władysław Vladimirowicz Litovchenko, and he came to Ukraine by train. After the arrest, the Russian sniper, who decided to surrender, received medical assistance, the battalion informs via its Telegram channel. … Read more

He lost his belt, yet Oliveira dealt with Gaethi in the first round!

Charles Oliveira Although he lost the title of champion due to controversies with an unfulfilled weight, he showed that in the light division he is still the undisputed king. Even before the match itself, the challenger Justin Gaethje he accused him of not having a fighting heart, of giving up in critical situations, and of … Read more

Ahmed Makki dealt a severe slap to “Donia Samir Ghanem”, and a sudden reaction from the latter shocked all the artistic community!!

2022/04/30 It’s 06:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Ahmed Makki dealt a severe blow to the artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, after her refusal to participate in the series “The Big Oy 6. Makki discovered the young artist, Rahma Ahmed, and presented her in the sixth part of the series, where she appeared … Read more

Mynar is dealt with by the FACR Ethics Commission. He is suspected of violating the regularity of competition

The head of the presidential office, Mynář, is suspected that he had, according to the server Message list to ask the former FAČR vice-president Roman Berbr for help, which according to the investigators concerned the support or protection of the first-league club 1. FC Slovácko from the referees. Berbr and two dozen other people face … Read more

Andorra – Czechia 0: 3, The 21 team has clearly dealt with an outsider and the second place in the fight for the European Championships will end the worst

Photo gallery Photo: Martin Gregor, FAČR Daniel Fila (right) celebrates Andorra’s goal with Adam Karabec (10) and Martin Ryneš (17)Photo: Martin Gregor, FACR Photo: Martin Gregor, FAČR Daniel Karabec (left) celebrates with Matěj Ryneš the leading goal in the match against Andorra.Photo: Martin Gregor, FACR Photo: @ceskarepre_cz, Twitter Czech forward Daniel Fila in a duel … Read more

Middlesbrough – Chelsea 0: 2, Chelsea dealt with second-league Middlesbrough and are in the semifinals of the cup

Chelsea scored both goals in the first half and Mason Mount scored both. The 23-year-old English national team has already participated in 50 goals of his team (25 goals and the same number of assists) at the “Blues” in less than three seasons. Chelsea can still emulate the results of the last two years of … Read more

Two years since the pandemic hit Norway – now a new crisis is being dealt with

On 12 March 2020, Norway shut down due to the corona pandemic. Two years later, the Minister of Health and the NIPH director must deal with a new crisis. Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor Party) during a press conference on the corona situation in February. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB Published: Published: Yesterday … Read more