Courier of 1.3 Tons of Cannabis in Medan Sentenced to Death!

While – The judge sentenced Mawardi to death, the courier for 1.3 tons of cannabis. The sentence for the death penalty is the same as the demands put forward by the prosecutor. “Sentenced the defendant Mawardi with a death penalty,” said judge Mohammad Yusafrihardi Girsang when reading out the verdict at the Medan District Court, … Read more

Ferdy Sambo’s death execution at Denny Darko’s view, the results are shocking

Saturday, April 29 2023 – 17:01 WIB VIVA Trending – Ferdy Sambo is a former Head of the Propam Division who was funded in a case of premeditated murder committed by Brigadier J. Many audiences are curious about Ferdy Sambo’s future fate until the death sentence is carried out. Denny Darko, who is a magician … Read more

Attorney for Dody Prawiranegara Calls Teddy Minahasa Deserves Death Sentence

Tuesday, March 28 2023 – 18:00 WIB LIVE Subway – AKBP Dody Prawiranegara’s attorney, Adriel Viara Purba, considered that Inspector General Teddy Minahasa deserved the death penalty. Because, according to Adriel, the main mastermind in the methamphetamine case that ensnared his client was Teddy Minahasa. “So Mr. Teddy Minahasa should be given a heavier sentence … Read more

Pakistani Man Sentenced To Death Over Blasphemy Content On WhatsApp Group

Islamabad – Anti-terrorism court in Pakistan dropping death sentence against a Muslim man accused of posting content that is judged to be religious blasphemy on the WhatsApp chat group. As reported AFP, Saturday (25/3/2023), blasphemy is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan where the majority of its citizens adhere to Islam. Not infrequently, unproven accusations … Read more

Uganda to Death Penalty for LGBT, UN Worried, US Threatens Sanctions

Uganda’s parliament passes a bill that threatens the death penalty for the LGBT community. The move prompted the United States to threaten to impose sanctions. Photo/REUTERS KAMPALA – Parliament Uganda has passed a bill (RUU) anti- LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), which carries the death penalty for that community. The African country’s move has … Read more

Bloody red suitcase, 5 astounding facts about the mutilation case in Tenjo, Bogor, it turns out that the victim was killed for this reason

Bogor, – The public has just been shocked by the mutilation case in a red suitcase in Kampung Baru, Singabangsa Village, Tenjo District, Bogor Regency, West Java. Not only in the red suitcase, it is known that the victim’s body parts are scattered in several places. Most recently, a body found in the form … Read more

The aftermath of Googling Kim Jong Un’s name led to a death sentence for North Korean intelligence

Jakarta – A North Korean (North Korean) spy was sentenced to death. This penalty was given for daring to googling or looking for and reading information about their leader, Kim Jong Unthe internet. The spy is a member of Bureau 10 in North Korea’s intelligence agency. He will face execution by Pyongyang’s firing squad. Reported … Read more

FACT CHECK: Ferdy Sambo Sentenced to Death! Really?

Circulating narratives stating that Freddy Sambo officially sentenced death sentence. Freddy Sambo himself is the defendant in the murder case of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J. This news was shared by a YouTube account called “Warta Informasi”. The account shared a video related to the death sentence handed down to Ferdy Sambo. Read Also:Malaysian … Read more

Saudi Arabian cleric Awad al-Qarni Faces Death Penalty for Tweeting

loading… Awad al-Qarni, a well-known cleric in Saudi Arabia who is facing the death penalty for using Twitter to convey opinions contrary to the kingdom. Photo/via Middle East Eye RIYADH – Awad al-Qarni (65), a scholar Arab Saudi , facing the death penalty on various charges. One of the accusations was the use of Twitter … Read more

Komnas Perempuan Still Disagree With Death Penalty for Herry Wirawan

Jakarta – Supreme Court (MA) rejected the appeal Herry Wirawan, rapists 13 students. Herry Wirawan’s death sentence has permanent power. Komnas Perempuan consistently rejects the death penalty for Herry Wirawan and all convicts. “Komnas Perempuan basically rejects the death penalty for any crime,” said Komnas Perempuan head Andy Yentriyani detikcomThursday (5/1/2023). ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME … Read more