Debunk EU: Astrava NPP is not enough – Kremlin media announces Polish betrayal and new nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad

In July, the focus was on relations between the Baltic States in the context of their position on the Astrava NPP. According to Algirdas Kazlauskas, the chief analyst of, the long-loved narratives of the pro-Kremlin media repeat that the Baltic states are not united and that Lithuania is pushing its neighbors to oppose the … Read more

Use boring science to debunk the top ten rumors of cancer (part 2)-PanSci

Compilation / Chen Yuning In March 2014, Cancer Research UK clarified the “top ten cancer rumors” that many people believed to be true, but there was no scientific evidence at all. PreviousWe have broken the myth that cancer is a “modern disease”, superfoods, and acidic diets. Let’s quickly continue to see which five other false … Read more

Debunk EU: Russia portrays itself as a world savior, a leader in the fight against COVID-19

May 1-31. analysts examined 2,004 false and misleading articles from 265 media sources (142 of which were Facebook groups) in English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian. This content reached a potential audience of 812.1 million contacts. According to the head of the organization. analyst Laima VenclauskienÄ—, the content reached the largest audience with … Read more