Steam Deck is in “final phase of development”

Like Valve via his Steam Store confirmed is the coming one Steam Deck “In the final stages of development”. The American company is now starting to send dev kits to partner companies. In the post, Valve mentions that the introduction of its dev kits will give the company the ability to “guide game developers through … Read more

The Steam Deck Development Edition is preparing to be handed over to game developers | XFastest News

The first batch of Steam Deck development versions are undergoing final testing and must first be delivered to game developers to test the operation, operation and experience of their games on Steam Deck. With these project-verified versions of Steam Deck, Steam and developers can have a better final test, and allow Steam to collect more … Read more

Steam Deck will launch every game available on Steam? Not necessarily

The developer stated in it that the company has achieved the level of performance necessary to launch the latest generation games from the entire Steam catalog. He added that there was no title that Steam Deck would not be able to handle. However, this is not supposed to be the case, and Valve designers could … Read more

GPD Win Max test, half PC, half console, 0% Steam Deck – news from the web

A year after presenting the first prototype to you, we were finally able to get our hands on and fully test the GPD Win Max, this mini portable PC which is played as a game console with its integrated joystick. A funny machine that mixes the spirit of the netbook with its 8 inch screen … Read more

Valve started sending out Steam Deck devkits

Gabe Newell’s company has begun shipping Steam Deck developer kits. Valve approached devkits responsibly and opened a special form where you can apply for a new console. The laptop is ready to ship and is available to all registered developers. The company promises to arrange delivery as soon as possible, so each application will be … Read more

Valve opened accepting applications for Steam Deck devkits – Igromania

To receive equipment, you must fill out a special form and send an application. Since the number of kits is limited, Valve noted that it will review each request separately. Now the goal of the company is to get the fullest possible return from future partners, since there are still several months before the release … Read more

New “trampoline deck” on the Olympic track can explain the record race in Tokyo

The Italian Andrea Vallauri has been involved in designing the running track in the Japanese capital, and he explains to The Guardian that a completely new type of cover has been laid there. Vallauri believes that the tire gives athletes a 1-2 percent advantage, and that the Tokyo track is the fastest in history in … Read more

Comparison of Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck The struggle in the mobile gaming category intensified, after the launch of Steam Deck from Valve, the company responsible for the Steam store. Steam Deck promises to provide a gaming experience similar to the experience of playing on a computer but portable with you all the time, as the device depends on the Steam … Read more

AMD and Valve are increasing Steam Deck CPU performance on Linux

Today we know that AMD y Valve want to offer the maximum possible performance with the console Steam Deck, and for this they are working together on the design of a better CPU performance scaling driver for Linux. According to the report of Phoronix, Valve has been improving the CPU frequency scaling of the Zen2 … Read more