Changed Steam Deck specs, installed new hard drives

Bild: Valve Everyone who purchased one of Valve’s Steam platforms at launch has a very special model of solid state drive installed in their devices. Whoever buys one recently got a different motor, one possibly Slower. as such Hardwarelux Message (Above computer games), all Steam decks originally shipped with a 256 or 512 GB SSD … Read more

Steam Deck secretly downgrades hardware, SSD from x4 to PCIe 3.0 x2

According to reports, Valve Coporatian changed the technical specifications given on the Steam Dcek official website platform in May. The Steam Deck, which was originally equipped with a PCI express 3.0×4 SSD, has now been changed to a PCI express 3.0 x2 SSD. And said that this change will not make it have an impact … Read more

Steam Deck specifications have changed when installing new hard drives

picture: valve Anyone who bought one of Valve’s Steam platforms at launch got a very special model of solid state drive installed on their devices. Anyone who buys it recently has gotten a different engine, one possible slow down. how to Hardwarelux Report (Across Computer games), all Steam decks that originally shipped with 256 or … Read more

The Overseas Deck Star card has sold tens of millions

The rare Triple Logoman card from Panini features patches from James’ former teams Cleveland and Miami and current Los Angeles Lakers. At the auction, an attack on an absolute record of 6.6 million dollars was expected, for which a collector’s card of former baseball player Honus Wagner was sold last year. Panini only produced five … Read more

Valve surprises Steam Deck customers with shortened delivery times

Do you have a pre-order of Valve’s Steam Deck open? Then there is suddenly good news, because the delivery times will decrease considerably. Pre-orders for Steam Deck Since the launch of the Steam Deck on July 16, 2021 Valve is struggling to keep up with demand for its portable gaming console. Valve didn’t ship the … Read more

Steam Deck: Enjoy the game

In the form of the Steam Deck, Valve is launching a well thought-out mobile console for experienced gamers. Cost between 400 and 700 francs: the Steam Deck is available in three versions with different memory sizes. Sony didn’t have lasting success with the Playstation Portable, unlike Nintendo with the Switch. Valve, operator of one of … Read more

Steam Deck can accommodate larger SSD after minor adjustment – update – Gaming – News

A user says he managed to get an M.2 2242 SSD installed in a Steam Deck with minor adjustments. By default, the Deck only supports the smallest M.2 2230 SSDs. According to Twitter user Belly Jelly all users need is a adapterbracket which allows the motherboard to accept the 42mm long SSDs. Only a small … Read more

Steam Deck can replace larger and longer M.2 SSD by itself, greatly increasing performance

The Steam Deck portable game console is definitely equipped with an M.2 2230 SSD hard drive slot, but this specification limits players to replace the SSD, not all SSDs have the M.2 2230 version. According to the latest test by Twitter user Belly Jelly, the issue about the version can be ignored. Valve has left … Read more