Head of Wagner declares that his troops are approaching the center of Bakhmut | Russo-Ukrainian War | Global

RussiaThe head of the mercenary group Wagner (Wagner) Prigezine released a video today, in which he declared that Wagner’s forces were approachingRusso-Ukrainian WarThe city center of frontline hotspot Bakhmut. In a video posted by Yevgeny Prigozhin on the messaging app Telegram, he stood on the roof of a tall building and claimed to be in … Read more

Biden declares state of emergency as California storm bursts river banks

FTV news/comprehensive report Affected by atmospheric rivers, the storm swept across the northern and central parts of California, causing two deaths so far, and tens of thousands of people were asked to evacuate. In some areas, the rainfall exceeded 300 millimeters, and many rivers in the area were flooded. Paja, Monterey County As a result, … Read more

17-year-old high school girl talent declares TikTok revival Slander on “unprocessed face” … Feelings “I’m still afraid to see it recommended”: J-CAST News[Full text]

From March 4th to 6th, 2023, influencer Sunazurika Rin (17), a second-year high school student, expressed her feelings on TikTok about the slanderous damage to her “unprocessed face”. From Sunazurikarin’s TikTok (sunazurisuki) “I cried a lot and honestly cried.” Around the end of February, a video comparing processed and unprocessed images created by a third … Read more

Has he already proposed to a 32-year-old girl? He declares her love for the grave board

The news Monday, March 6 (09:04) Krzysztof Skiba has been meeting the younger Karolina Kempińska for some time, and their relationship is widely commented on gossip websites and social media. In an interview with Krzysztof Stanowski, the 58-year-old songwriter said that he wanted to be with his partner for the rest of his life. “She … Read more

In the end, there will be no free jug of water in Wallonia: “Someone always pays for it at some point”, declares the Walloon Minister of the Economy

The promise made by the Walloon government in 2019 in its general policy statement to oblige the Horeca to provide free water to its customers will not be kept, indicates La Libre in its Wednesday edition. For many restaurateurs, water represents income that they cannot do without. For the sectoral association of the Belgian Water … Read more

The indigenous movement of Ecuador demands the resignation of Guillermo Lasso and declares itself in permanent mobilization

(CNN Spanish) — After a twelve-hour meeting of the Expanded Council of leaders and grassroots structures of the indigenous movement at the Casa de la Cultura in Quito, the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), Leonidas Iza, announced this Friday that they have decided break the dialogue with the government of … Read more

Lourenço Ortigão declares himself to Kelly Bailey: “You are my greatest pride”

Lourenço Ortigão e Kelly Bailey live in a particularly happy phase. The couple is expecting their first child together and for the last few days has been in Rio de Janeiro, where they enjoyed themselves at Carnival and watched the parades at the Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro. On the 19th, the actress celebrated her … Read more

‘Daughter of Lee Dong-guk’ Jaeshi declares “graduation from model activity” at the age of 17

Jaeshi, the eldest daughter of former soccer player Lee Dong-guk, stepped closer to her model dream by standing on the London Fashion Week stage. On the 22nd, Lee Soo-jin, Lee Dong-guk’s wife, said, “We spent a very happy time together until the last London of the world’s four major fashion shows. The teacher who always … Read more

“Twitch sucks.” The king of MMOs criticizes the surveillance he submits to every time he goes live and declares his love for YouTube

Streamer Asmongold does not support Twitch’s new approach and prefers Youtube to create content. February 20, 2023, 11:40 – Updated February 21, 2023, 04:50 As the months of 2023 progress, Twitch receives more and more criticism about the policies implemented by the platform since the creation of live content reigns as a result of the … Read more

Pope Francis declares statement on homosexuality

The Jesuit priest published the Pope’s letter on Saturday on the website of the Catholic LGBTQ magazine Outreach, of which he is the editor. LGBTQ is the English abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. The Pope explained that the interview was oral and that it was “understandable” if certain nuances were lost in … Read more