“Doesn’t add up”: Vysotskaya declassified addiction

October 29, 2021 15:23 Andrei Konchalovsky’s wife is struggling with problems. The wife of director Andrei Konchalovskaya Julia Vysotskaya confessed to the fight against caffeine addiction. Due to the busy schedule, the TV presenter was forced to constantly consume an invigorating drink, so her condition rapidly deteriorated. One day, Vysotskaya decided to give up coffee. … Read more

Olympics Declassified! The Czech national hockey team has published three nominated stars for the Olympics

The attacking star of the Czech Olympic team in Beijing will be David Pastrňák. Brian Fluharty, Reuters The individual participants of the tournament announced their names last month to the International Hockey Federation IIHF, the NHL and the NHLPA Players’ Association due to the planned media activities. It was originally supposed to remain secret, but … Read more

esk prices Muskova satellite internet declassified. In the sky you can see the first Starlinks, but also the ISS

The company SpaceX vizion Elona Muska sent an information email at the end of the selected registered houses interested in satellite internet announcing the limited launch. services in the Czech Republic. Reality se vak zatm zd jin. When requesting the Internet, the availability of most of the addresses we tested appeared on the Starlink.com corporate … Read more

A friend of a seriously ill Andrei Gubin declassified his income

Andrey Gubin. Photo: video frame. Recently, the star of the 90s, Andrei Gubin, returned to Russia. In recent years, the artist, suffering from an incurable disease, lived abroad, in particular in Egypt. Gubin left the stage long ago, does not perform and does not write new songs. However, he has enough funds not to work. … Read more

In the USA, they published the first declassified investigation file

Three hijacked planes piloted by Islamist terrorists crashed into two New York skyscrapers at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon 20 years ago. A fourth plane crashed into a field near the village of Shanksville after a fight between passengers and terrorists. The attacks, the security consequences of which the world still feels today, … Read more

The FBI declassified the file on September 11, 2001. It describes the kidnappers’ contact with people from Saudi Arabia

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a newly declassified document on logistical support for two Saudi Arabian hijackers in the September 11, 2001 attacks on Saturday night. the Saudi government was involved in the attacks, the AP agency wrote. Three hijacked planes piloted by Islamist terrorists crashed into two New York skyscrapers at … Read more

US intelligence is preparing a declassified version of the report on the origin of COVID-19

The White House will not yet comment on the content of the US intelligence report on the origins of the coronavirus presented to US President Joe Biden. At the moment, its declassified version is still under preparation. She confirmed that Biden not only received a copy of the secret version of the document: a special … Read more

Nettle – Ymer 6: 1, 6: 0, Another sensation! Nettle declassified the Swedish star after Shapoval

Czech tennis player Vít Kopřiva continues his incredible performances at the Gstaad tournament, declaring Swedish number one Mikael Ymer 6: 1, 6: 0 during his debut in the main competition of the ATP Tour tournament and he is in the semifinals of the tournament. On Wednesday, the 24-year-old Czech, who ranks 249th in the rankings, … Read more

Oliver Stone Dismantles Official Version of JFK Assassination with Declassified Government Documents | Culture

Who was actually behind the murder, on November 22, 1963, will likely never be known. del presidente John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But Oliver Stone (New York, 74 years old) has been struggling for more than half his life to dismantle the incongruous official version – indeed, both of that episode and of others related to the … Read more

Luzhin has declassified an affair with a married director Rostotsky

The star noted that she remembered this unpleasant episode in connection with the revelations of famous colleagues about harassment, including Elena Proklova. Luzhin starred in Stanislav Rostotsky’s film On Seven Winds. During the filming, he tried in every possible way to show her signs of attention, but then she was carried away by the operator … Read more