Is the smartphone bad for your health? Mental well-being declining between 18 and 24 years

The smartphone seriously damages (mental) health: this is what a new one affirmed studio published by Sapien Labsan open data platform managed by an interdisciplinary team of experts who work to understand the functioning of the human brain in the light of the new challenges offered by contemporary society. The study highlights the continuation decline … Read more

Striving for acceleration of extra homes out of sight: housing construction is actually declining | Money

In total, permits were issued for 16,600 homes. This puts the government off course to achieve the target of 100,000 homes per year. By 2030, there should be an additional 900,000. The number of licensed new-build homes is an indicator of the number of homes that will be built in the near future. On average, … Read more

Why is the price of the dollar declining against the pound despite its rise globally?

02:48 PM Tuesday 17 May 2022 Books – Mustafa Eid: The price of the pound has witnessed a remarkable rise against foreign currencies, including the US dollar, during the recent period, despite the fact that the US currency is currently in its best condition in years and rose to record levels that it has not … Read more

The dollar is declining, but tends to record a weekly increase

The dollar fell on Friday, with the rise in stocks, which contributed to enhancing the atmosphere of risk, but it is still on track to achieve weekly gains for the sixth consecutive week, as investors remain concerned about the slowdown in global economic growth and that the US central bank’s policy will push the economy … Read more

The prices of basic materials have doubled 4 times.. the Turkish lira is declining again

The Turkish lira has fallen since Friday by 0.5% against the US dollar, hitting its lowest level in nearly two months, which will lead to more inflation, which has already reached nearly 70% in the month of April. This poses a major challenge to the Turkish government, which is trying to maintain the value of … Read more

Prices in America are heading to decline .. 3 indicators of declining inflation

A gallon of fuel in the US now costs nearly twice as much as it did in January 2021, while home prices rose by a whopping 19.8 percent and in March, groceries were 10 percent more expensive than a year ago. CNN says that some analysts believe that the United States has reached the “inflationary … Read more

Interest in mortgages is not declining, 13 percent of Czechs are planning it

According to the survey, 60 percent of people would use a mortgage to buy housing, which is seven percentage points more than last year. This is due to higher real estate prices, which increase the need to finance housing with a loan. People would then use their own savings mainly for renovations and household equipment, … Read more

Ahead of BAC 2022, Susy Susanti Highlights Indonesian Women’s Singles Are Declining, Putri KW is Called Possession….

HALOYOUTH – Ahead of the tournament Badminton Asia Championship or BAC 2022, badminton legend Indonesia Susi Susanti highlight women’s badminton Indonesia. Competition in the sector single girls in the world according to Susi Susanti getting tighter. Several other countries, such as neighboring countries, now have single girls respected in international tournaments. Susi Susanti is one … Read more

Gas will increase in price by tens of thousands, interest in houses is declining

The segment of family houses may become a symbol of sobriety of the current residential real estate boom. Their supply on real estate portals has begun to grow, and demand in this part of the market is much more restrained than before. The phenomenon is most evident in the Central Bohemian Region, where the number … Read more

TOTAL would win the election. STAN support is also declining due to cases

According to the survey, the TOTAL coalition would now win 31.5 percent of the vote, while the second YES would vote for 29 percent of the people. A coalition of PirSTAN (15.5 percent of the vote) and the SPD (9 percent) would also get into the Chamber. Support from YES (27.5 percent of the vote) … Read more