The rate of vaccination against Covid-19 is declining in all Baltic countries. What are the current figures? – BNN

So far, 33.84% of the population in Latvia have received the first dose of the vaccine, but 34.03% have completed the vaccination process, according to data compiled by the National Health Service (NSS). Meanwhile, 599,397 or 45.10% of the Estonian population have received the vaccine, of which 461,221 have completed the vaccination process, which is … Read more

declining registrations for Neuchtel vaccination

Neuchâtel (awp / ats) – While 50% of the Neuchâtel population has received a dose of vaccine, registrations for vaccination are on the decline. The canton of Neuchâtel is launching a communication campaign to encourage residents to be vaccinated, now open from the age of 12. “Not to be vaccinated is socially accepted to be … Read more

COVID-19: Active cases still declining in Ottawa | COVID-19 | News | The right

PAmong them, six people occupy a bed to treat symptoms of COVID-19, one of whom is in intensive care. SPO has also recorded nine new COVID-19 infections in the federal capital in the past 24 hours. Since the start of the pandemic, 27,650 Ottawans have contracted the disease. Of those, 26,953 people have recovered from … Read more

Coronavirus: numbers steadily declining with less than 600 people hospitalized

The virus’s reproduction rate is still steadily declining and now stands at 0.71. When it is less than 1, this indicator means that the epidemic tends to slow down. Enbetween June 7 and 13, 738 new coronavirus contaminations were detected on average per day, down 43% from the previous week, according to the latest figures … Read more

Food Stocks Declining, Kim Jong Un Hunting Pets For North Korean Elite Dogs To Be Eaten At Restaurants

Sosok.ID – Not just residents, pets that live on North Korea also had a tragic fate. Reported Sosok.ID from the Daily Star, leaders North Korea has forbidden the elite to preserve dog. The ban was made following the thinning of food stocks in the country led by Kim Jong Un that. In a policy taken … Read more

Wall Street without leadership despite declining numbers of new unemployed

Wall Street ended in disarray Thursday, digesting the news of a drop in new weekly claims for unemployment benefits in the United States and regretting the blockage in Congress on a new stimulus package. Its flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, fell 0.29% to 27,896.72 points. The Nasdaq, with strong technological coloring, took 0.27% … Read more

Unreliable serological tests, declining antibodies… What if our immune memory could protect us?

The immune system could keep the memory of its response against the coronavirus. – CATHERINE KOHLER / SIPA Scientific work shows that immunity could disappear within months in people who have contracted the coronavirus and developed antibodies. This drop would mean that a person cured of Covid-19 could potentially contract it again a few months … Read more

‘Heather-A’: Declining demand in fuel retailing has intensified competition in the market

The fall in demand in the fuel retail market during the emergency situation intensified competition in the market, admitted Jānis Vība, the executive director of the fuel retailer “Virši-A”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising He said that in retail fuel, as in most business sectors, the Covid-19 pandemic and the security measures taken … Read more

Lindt, UBS or Georg Fischer announce declining figures due to Covid-19 –

In the context of a pandemic, UBS’s results were down in the second quarter with net profit of $ 1.23 billion, down 11.5% year on year. The development was similar for profit before tax, down 10% year on year to 1.58 million, but up 5% excluding provisions for loans, which amounted to 272 million. The … Read more

The end of the quarantine drove viewers away from streaming services. Netflix resists declining stocks

People stopped being afraid to take to the streets and Netflix-led streaming services were suddenly on the track. While during the first half of 2020, crowds trapped in the coronavirus quarantine ordered Netflix at an unprecedented pace, as soon as the prospects for the third quarter became apparent, digital television stocks shot down as much … Read more