From cell phone to TV: change these default settings and it will change your life

Many default settings are hidden deep within our technology and cause us to unnecessarily share large amounts of data with tech companies. Those can be disabled. But not all factory settings do tricky things with our data. There are also some that is necessary activate or deactivate to be able to enjoy more when using … Read more

How to change these default settings and be happier with your technology

How to change these default settings and be happier with your technology Many default settings buried deep in our technology cause us to share unnecessary amounts of data with technology companies. in last columnI’ve gone over how to turn them off. But not all default settings do tricky things with our information. There are also … Read more

How to change these default settings and be happier with your technology

Our consumer electronics are among our most expensive home purchases, so it’s worth looking at and changing the default settings to reap their maximum benefits. Here’s what other tech writers and I always change to make our phones, computers, and TVs work better. Apple iPhone devices Apple iPhones have many settings that are turned off … Read more

Facebook tests default encryption on Messenger

3 If the end-to-end encryption feature was already present on Messenger since 2016 in several forms, a recent update will allow, after the test phase, all users to access it automatically and easily. Private messages on Messenger will become encrypted © Getty Images Messenger prepares a new security filter to prevent anyone from seeing through … Read more

Fitch downgraded Ukraine’s rating to a level signaling the threat of default

Fitch also stated in its report that if this request is approved by creditors, it will lower Ukraine’s rating to the SD category, i.e. limited default. She added that she considered the approval of the application likely. Fitch also predicted that Ukraine’s economy would shrink by a third this year as a result of the … Read more

Do not be surprised! Turkey is predicted to go bankrupt, how come Mr Erdogan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sri Lanka In the spotlight this year, the country on India’s southeast coast is “seriously ill”, the crisis hit and is the worst since 1948. Inflation in Sri Lanka has gone out of control in recent months. In June, inflation was recorded to skyrocket 54.6% year-on-year (yoy), a record high in … Read more

Microsoft is reversing its decision to block macros downloaded from the Internet by default as part of the fight against malware, The change is temporary

Most Internet users have surely realized that in many support forums, and particularly forums dealing with issues related to the Microsoft Office suite, files containing macros are often not considered welcome. Indeed, some members of the forums refuse to download and open these files on their computer as a precaution, because they fear being infected … Read more

Instead of the Russian default, Uniper’s default has arrived. And the first LNG regasifier

With gas futures that in Amsterdan this morning marked 171.50 euros per MWh, there is very little to laugh about. On the contrary. However, it is difficult not to take note of a fact: pending the farce of the Russian default, that of Uniper has arrived. One of the largest German utilities, officially in advanced … Read more

Real estate collapse in China: Shimao reports default

Shimao reports default – the impact on Switzerland Real estate collapse in China The Chinese real estate giant Evergrande is infecting the entire industry. Another company in Shanghai reports a default. What does that mean for Switzerland? Published: 07/05/2022 at 12:04 p.m | Updated: 05/07/2022 at 14:31 Dorothea Vollenweider and Nicola Imfeld China’s real estate … Read more