The book-encyclical with all the Pope’s appeals for peace: “Everyone is defeated with war”. And Francesco also thanks

We publish the complete preface by Pope francesco to the book An encyclical on peace in Ukraine (out December 5th for Holy Land Editions) edited by Vaticanist de Francesco Antonio Grana. The volume collects all of Bergoglio’s appeals for the end of conflict in Ukraine. A war diary which, as the pontiff underlines, it … Read more

The Dutch national team easily defeated the USA and was the first to advance to the quarterfinals

The Netherlands will face the winner of the pair of Argentina and Australia in the quarter-finals of the FIFA 2022 tournament. The Dutch national team enters the quarter-finals of the World Cup for the seventh time. It is true that, despite playing in the finals three times, the “Oranges” have never managed to win the … Read more

Cameroon defeated Brazil and the Swiss sent the Serbs home | Sports

True, the Swiss, who defeated Serbia 3-2, collected the same number of points – six, but the Brazilians took a higher place due to a better goal ratio. The Swiss were one shot short. The Brazilians, who won Group G, will meet South Korea in the round of 16, while the Swiss will start the … Read more

In a match drowned in a rain of goals, Switzerland defeated the Serbians and won the last ticket to the round of 16

Serbia’s Andrija Živkovic launched a powerful, long-range shot in the 11th minute, but the ball hit the left post. Xherdanas Shaqiri turns his back to the Serbian fans and shows his last name. Swiss in the 20th minute after a ricochet sends the ball into the bottom corner of the goal. Aleksandar Mitrović after Dušan … Read more

World Football Live”Senegal defeated Ecuador 2:1 to advance to the round of 16-Free Sports

At the end of the game, Senegal defeated 2:1Ecuador advanced to the round of 16. In the 90th + 5th minute, Senegal made a substitution, Breyer left and Pape Abou Cisse came on. Please read on… In the 90th + 4th minute, Ecuador Poroso missed the goal. In the 90th+3 minute, Ecuador had a corner … Read more

Japanese World Cup fans cleaned up the stadium after their team defeated Germany

This year’s World cup has been one of the most interesting ones in the tournament’s long history. We’re only a few days into the month-long event, and the news surrounding the Cup has been insane. Outside of all the chaos surrounding this year’s host country of Qatar, the events of the Cup itself have been … Read more

German collapse! The Spaniards gave a concert, the Croats earned a point. Belgium defeated dangerous Canada

The first half of the match between Croatia and Morocco was carried out in a very cautious spirit. Both teams were based on a secure defense, they had difficulty getting chances. For the first time, Perušič seriously threatened Morocco’s goal in the 17th minute, but his shot went over the top. At the very end … Read more

Leading first doesn’t help! World Cup 2022 result “Samurai Blue” Japan defeated Germany 2-1

summarizeworld cup 2022 results The evening of November 23, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Group E, the first match for the national teamGermany Ranked 11th in the world, with the national teamJapan 24th in the world according to the rankings of FIFA world ranking at Khalifa Stadium International Stadium in Qatar Broadcast live on Channel 7 … Read more