Monreale, Monte Caputo is on fire: firefighters and foresters at work to defend the houses

Dozens of fires today (May 25) in the province of Palermo. It was only in the late afternoon that the fire in Monreale on Monte Caputo and Poggio Ridente was put out. In addition to the firefighters and foresters from the ground, a canadair and a helicopter went back and forth to put out the … Read more

Ligue 1 | Henry:McBabi staying in France will help defend the World Cup Nima was abandoned by PSG and passed by Real Madrid (22:20) – 20220525 – Sports – Instant News

Kylian McBaby was rumored to switch to Real Madrid this summer, but unexpectedly chose to stay at PSG. Henry said: “His decision this time made all the French happy, and if you want to be successful, you can’t let him go because you can’t find the same players in the world today. He’s an inspiration … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | HOCKEY ONLINE: Will the Swedes deprive Canada of a chance to defend themselves? The Slovaks are facing a ruined Finland

The Swedes have missed the semifinals of the last six world championships four times. In 2015, they lost in Ostrava with Russia (3: 5), a season later in St. Petersburg, they lost to Canada (0: 6). They tasted triumph in 2017 in Cologne and Paris and subsequently in Copenhagen. Three years ago in Bratislava, Finland … Read more

Destroyed Russian tanks in the center of Kiev. “We must defend our homeland”

On Saturday (May 21), an unusual exhibition was organized in the central square of Kiev. Several destroyed Russian tanks and other armored vehicles were shown in an attempt to show the townspeople a vision of war elsewhere in the country. – Such exhibitions must exist so that every Ukrainian, even the one who has never … Read more

Refusing to defend PSG because of the ‘Rainbow’ jersey, Idrissa Gueye is demanded to give an explanation

Idrissa Gueye is now being charged with an explanation after missing Paris Saint-Germain’s final game for refusing to wear the LGBT rainbow jersey. Every team in French Ligue 1 wears a rainbow colored jersey on their match day to mark the 2022 International Day against Homophobia. Gueye, reportedly on purpose, missed PSG’s game against Montpellier … Read more

Those who protest against hiring Cuban doctors defend a corrupt system: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador charged that the doctors who demonstrated against the hiring of 500 Cuban professionals defend a corrupt system that sought privatize education. He added that Cuban doctors will earn the same as Mexicans and that the agreement that was signed with the Cuban government was because in Mexico there are not … Read more

Disturbing signal from Ukraine. The Russians are preparing to defend a strategic facility

Therefore, the Russian army is to try to encircle Severdonetsk and Lisichansk, focusing on the intersection of the highway connecting both cities with the rest of Ukraine. Thus, American analysts believe that the Russians have abandoned their plans to encircle the Ukrainian units from Donetsk to Izium on a large scale.

Cyberwar, “Enough words, it’s time to defend ourselves.” Microsoft’s cto explains why Italy is being targeted by Russian hackers and how to respond

After the Senate and Defense sites, the hackers also wanted to obscure theEurovisioncarrying adisturbing action on a continental level, with dozens of attacks during the opening night which were further concentrated when the Ukrainian band took to the stage. They were foiled by the cops and technicians of the Cybercrime Center which monitors and protects … Read more

Fundación Luna breaks the silence: says how much it spent to defend UST (although it failed)

For DailyBitcoin Editor The organization of Terra (LUNA) revealed how much they spent in their failed attempt to defend their UST stablecoin. *** Thousands of people have lost their savings after the crash of LUNA and USD Terra, USTsu stablecoins algorithmic. As we told, UST lost its parity and crashed last week. Today the Luna … Read more