NATO asked South Korea to export weapons to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. (REUTERS/Michele Tantussi) NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenbergasked this Monday to South Korea to send weapons to Ukraine during a visit to the Asian country, which has so far provided medical supplies and non-lethal military equipment to kyiv. Stoltenberg made this appeal to the South Korean Executive during his two-day trip … Read more

They release ‘D Clara’, a SONG to defend Gerard Piqué from ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’ and HUMILIATE Shakira

Controversies regarding the last topic of Shakira together with Bizarrap they do not end up being present, since a topic has recently been released returning the little ball of hints to the Colombian one. In Youtube, throw a song titled ‘D Clara’in which the letter is intended to defender a Gerard Piqué of BZRP Music … Read more

How are modern cars with keyless entry stolen? And how to defend yourself?

Since the days of the wild 90s, only a fraction of vehicles are currently stolen in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, it is still more than 2,000 cases per year. And with modern cars with keyless entry, theft can be easier than ever before. Especially if we take into account the carelessness or ignorance of most … Read more

A pizzeria in Rosario showed a photo with Celia, Messi’s mother, and had to defend herself against criticism

Leo’s mother posed with the cooks of the traditional local but in the networks they pointed out an alleged lack of cleanliness in the place. The mother of Lionel Messi, Maria Celia Cuccittiniwent to dinner Via Appiaa historic pizzeria in Rosarioand the local social networks echoed the presence of the woman who brought the captain … Read more

He explained in which case NATO would defend Ukraine: it will depend on Russia’s decision

Joined the Center for Eastern European Studies Giedrim Jeglinskas worked for three years NATO Deputy Secretary General for Organizational Management. That’s why we explain how NATO works with him on the show. How much power does the Secretary General of the Alliance have? Who could replace him? What are Ukraine’s chances of moving closer to … Read more

Senior US official questions Ukraine’s strategy: ‘She shouldn’t seek to defend Bakhmout at all costs’

Bakhmout has also become a major political issue and symbol. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the frontline in December, just before his trip to meet Joe Biden at the White House and address Congress in Washington. However, according to this senior official in the administration of Joe Biden, the priority given to the fighting in … Read more

The young man executed in Iran who was only given 15 minutes to defend himself against the death penalty

Maryam Afshang BBC Persian Service 20 January 2023 image source, WANA/Reuters Caption, Mohammad Mehdi Karami told his family that he had been tortured in jail. Four young men have been executed in connection with the protests that broke out in Iran four months ago, while another 18 people have been sentenced to death. According to … Read more

The triplendemic of children: how to defend them from Covid, flu and respiratory syncytial virus

6/9 ©IPA/Fotogramma PEDIATRICS IN WORRY – There are many Italian regions where pediatricians are in trouble for respiratory virus infections in childrenespecially respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis. What is worrying are the pediatric intensive care units, which are undersized as the Italian Society of Pediatrics Sip says. With the simultaneous circulation of other viruses such as … Read more

Creditor banks defend that shareholders capitalize at least R$ 10 billion in Americanas

Hired by Americanas to renegotiate the debt, the Rothschild bank has already started talking to executives of the main financial creditors of the retailer Hired by Americanas to renegotiate the company’s debtthe investment bank Rothschild has already started talking to executives of the retailer’s main financial creditors yesterday. Valor learned that Luiz Muniz, head of … Read more

«If you were Hitler’s son, wouldn’t you still defend your father?»-

Of Fabrizio Caccia Silence where murals for «u Siccu» appeared years ago. The brother-in-law: he remains a great affection for us FROM OUR REPORTERCASTELVETRANO (TRAPANI) “If you were Hitler’s son, wouldn’t you still defend your father? The State is the State, all right, but he remains a great affection for us, the two of us … Read more