Dominika Zasiewska defends her cheeks! “I don’t even have a milliliter of Botox. I can’t afford it”

though Dominika Zasiewskaknown to the wider public as Wodzianka, certainly has its glory years behind it, but it regularly returns to the tongues on the occasion of subsequent dramas. Some time ago, there was a lot of talk about her bitter arguments about acquaintance with Miśko Koterskiand at the end of the year she reminded … Read more

‘Golden Scorpion’ defends itself after criticizing an interview with Claudia Sheinbaum – El Financiero

The youtuber Alex Montiel was seen in a van through the streets of the Center next to the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardoso when the video that shows them waving goes viral, who personifies the ‘golden scorpion’ reacted to criticism of his next interviewee on social networks. The comments began to … Read more

“Francisca García-Huidobro is a very good mother, she has 100% custody of her son, so she deserves a vacation alone…”, defends Francisco Kaminski Glamorama

Author: Glamorama Team / January 27, 2023 “Fran is a very good mother, she has 100% custody of her son, so obviously she deserves a vacation alone,” Francisco Kaminski defended Francisca García-Huidobro after the criticism that the 49-year-old communicator received on Instagram for spend their vacations outside of Chile without their 16-year-old son. García-Huidobro and … Read more

The Banque du Liban defends the lira alone in the face of “money whales”

Talal Eid wrote in Markazia: Informed banking sources told Al Markaziya that the dollar exchange rate continued to rise and exceeded record numbers, considering that “the reasons have become known, the most important of which is the inability of the Banque du Liban to curb it after the failure of its intervention through the “money … Read more

Renzi defends the privacy of politicians but wants to know who votes for the professor

Cntc is the largest tobacco company in the world and accounts for almost half of the world’s cigarette production. Backed by the state, it holds a kind of virtual monopoly in the gigantic Chinese tobacco market, the largest in the world, which outsells Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands and Japan Tobacco International combined.

World Cup 2023 – Brutal management, harassment and declining profits: Claude Atcher defends himself

The news that affects Claude Atcher is loaded. The former director general of GIP France 2023, responsible for organizing the next World Cup, was dismissed for “brutal managerial practices”. The committee has indeed been marked by cases of harassment, but that is not all. The investigation carried out by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office also … Read more

Walmart defends its system to stop the millionaire ant robbery and its employees describe it as inefficient

Walmart has invested more than $500,000,000 to try to stop ant theft with artificial intelligence in its stores. Foto: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images As a way to avoid crowds at checkouts when paying and with the aim of reducing item theft, Walmart managers have been implementing new security and self-checkout systems in their stores … Read more

Cyprus defends itself as not a “safe haven for Russian assets”

The minister also noted at the press conference that Russian deposits in Cypriot banks have dropped from a staggering 40 percent. the amount of all deposits before the 2013 financial crisis to just 3.8 percent. Mr Petridis made the comments in response to a report on CBS’ 60 Minutes this week, which claimed that a … Read more

“The principal defends the boys? Absurd. I have bruises and I’m still in shock”

Modena, 21 January 2023 – It’s over on the prosecutor’s table the quarrel between a group of students and a professor happened Thursday morning in the courtyard of the Corni professional institute in via Tassoni, bordering the technical institute. The situation inside the high school is rather tense: in fact, the police, who immediately intervened, … Read more

Argentina: girl defends herself with a knife from her sexual harasser – Latin America – International

A 13-year-old girl suffered an attempted abuse when she was in a corner drinking with some friends. By being left alone for a moment, uA subject approached her, dropped his pants, and groped her. Her reaction was instant. He took a knife and told her: “If you touch me, I will stab you.” The incident … Read more