Amoxicillin deficiency: equivalent drugs available. Aifa table convened to identify possible interventions

“To remedy possible local unavailability, linked to problems or uneven distribution, AIFA in February 2023 sent, as already done in July 2021, a brief guide intended for pharmacists, in which, among other information, are given the contacts of the services made available by the owners for direct orders. AIFA is speaking with the trade associations … Read more

The most common symptoms that may signal a vitamin and mineral deficiency

In the article you are about to read, you will discover the role of dietary supplements, what are the symptoms that may indicate a vitamin or mineral deficiency, and when is the right time to talk to a doctor. The role of dietary supplements in maintaining health Food supplements are important in maintaining health, because … Read more

What foods contain magnesium? How do we detect magnesium deficiency?

The body needs minerals in order to carry out its vital activities in a healthy way, getting enough nutritional values ​​​​that the body needs, plays the role of savior for many health problems. One of these important nutritional values ​​is magnesium. Insufficient or excessive intake of magnesium can cause various problems. . Magnesium mineral is … Read more

If you have these complaints, pay attention! You may have a B12 deficiency! That nutrient is perfect for B12 deficiency.

There are some symptoms of B12 deficiency. If you have these symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor. So what are these symptoms? We compiled it in our news. B12 disease has some symptoms. Some of these are forgetfulness, weakness and fatigue. If you feel tired and sluggish all the time, and it prevents you … Read more

It instantly replenishes your source of vitamin B12! It cures B12 deficiency

Forgetfulness, weakness and persistent fatigue… The majority of these complaints that ruin daily life are caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. Experts drew attention to the importance of foods consumed against vitamin B12 deficiency. Some foods prevent DNA damage, end vitamin B12 deficiency and strengthen immunity. Here are the foods that end vitamin B12 deficiency… B12, … Read more

Nutritional strategies to avoid magnesium deficiency

Magnesium supplementation acts in improving physical performance, improving pain and muscle recovery. A magnesium deficiency can lead to hypocalcemia.The following groups of people suffer from magnesium deficiency most frequently: − Older people absorb less magnesium from the intestines and lose more magnesium due to increased renal excretion. − Persons with gastrointestinal diseases resulting in general … Read more

Vitamin D deficiency, the foods that contain the most (to avoid major diseases)

One thing above all: 80 percent about the need for vitamin D, a group of fat-soluble prohormones consisting of 5 different vitamins (D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5), we get from the exposure daily in the sun. The rest from feeding. In recent years, prolonged confinement indoors due to a pandemic and the consequent adaptation … Read more

Diseases caused by vitamin A, B12, D and C deficiency: Night blindness, balance disorder, respiratory system infections…

Answering whether it is correct to use additional supplements, Exp. Dr. Kaya said, “We cannot say that everyone should take supplements every day. It is best to replace the missing vitamins in the right doses. However, multi-vitamin supplements are recommended for people who do not have the opportunity to eat adequate and balanced nutrition. “Excessive … Read more

A Series of Health Problems Caused by Vitamin B12 Deficiency » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

Bad breath illustration. Pixabay JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM — Vitamin B12 is one of the important nutrients needed by the body. Red blood cells, nerves and brain, all of which depend on vitamin B12. When a person lacks vitamin B12 it will cause health problems. When left untreated, a B12 deficiency causes a number of health problems ranging … Read more