Mantle Cell Lymphoma Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Mantle cell lymphoma is rare lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in your white blood cells. Mantle cell lymphoma is considered non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This type of cancer is generally aggressive and difficult to diagnose until it eventually spreads throughout the body. Also read: 11 Symptoms of Lymphoma Cancer to Watch Out … Read more

Definition of Savanna and Examples of Flora and Fauna – The savanna biome is meadows scattered with bushes and trees. Typically, a savanna biome can be found between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. This makes the savanna also known as the tropical prairie. The savanna biome has warm temperatures all year round. Actually, the savanna has two seasons, namely a … Read more

Cell Nucleus: Definition, Function, and Its Parts Page all – Nucleus or inti sel is a highly specialized organelle that functions as the information processing and administration center of the cell. Inti sel has two main functions, namely controlling all activities in the cell and storing the cell’s hereditary material or DNA. Cell activities controlled by the cell nucleus include growth, intermediate metabolism, … Read more

Pg Cassazione: ‘Violent crimes in decline but not against women’ – Politics

“If violent crimes decrease drastically thanks to the effectiveness of the tools to combat organized crime, this is not the case in the murders of women and spy crimes”. This was highlighted by the Pg of the Supreme Court, Giovanni Salvi, speaking of a “great dedication” of the prosecutor’s office on combating violence against women, … Read more

Chronic Venous Insufficiency Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – The veins in the legs carry blood back to the heart. There is a one-way valve that prevents blood from flowing backwards. someone with chronic venous insufficiency (IVK) has a valve that is not working properly. A damaged valve can allow blood to flow back into the leg, causing blood to pool or … Read more

What is a Nebula, how it was formed, and how is it different from a galaxy? Check out the explanation here

DIY NEWS – Check out the following definition from Nebula, Then, how process formation to the difference with the Galaxy. Maybe for lovers of astronomy are familiar with the term Nebula or Galaxy. But there are some people who don’t understand what it is about Nebula and what is Galaxy. Quoted from that Nebula … Read more

Rock Cycle: Definition and Stages – Life on Earth occurs because of many cycles. From the start of the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, to the life cycle of animals and plants. In addition to this cycle, there is also what is called rock cycle. Definition of rock cycle Rocks on earth do not just form. Although hard, rock … Read more

Biomolecules: Definition and Types – Molecule is a combination of two or more atoms. In chemistry, apart from molecule there is also what is called biomolecules. What is a biomolecule? The following is understanding of biomolecules along with the types! Reported from Encyclopedia Britannica, a biomolecule or biological molecule is one of the many substances produced by cells … Read more

Aortic Insufficiency Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Aortic valve insufficiency (AVI) or commonly known as aortic valve regurgitation is a condition when the aortic valve of the heart does not close tightly. As a result, some of the blood pumped out of the heart’s main pumping chamber (left ventricle) leaks backwards. Leaks can inhibit the work of the heart until … Read more