Susana Giménez: “I don’t want to talk about politics, but seeing that there has been no electricity for a month with 40 degrees of heat, it breaks your heart…”

Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – “Seeing that there is no light with 40 degrees of heat a month ago breaks your heart” “How good it makes you laugh! That’s my motto,” he says. Susana Gimenez in this talk with teleshow from the presidential suite of a hotel in Madero Porthours after the … Read more

Icetex opens call for studies abroad; These are the master’s degrees and courses that apply

education It is aimed at studying master’s degrees and short courses in international programs related to culture and art. 15/3/2023 Colombian artists will be able to participate in the call opened by Icetex and that will allow them to complement their training with studies abroad. The entity stated that It is aimed at the study … Read more

Will artificial intelligence make our work easier? Matthias and Walter are already using it, with varying degrees of success

Due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), professions are changing. New technologies can take over parts of the work, but do they always work just as well in practice? We asked people who already use AI for their work. The development of AI is particularly visible in linguistic professions: programs such as ChatGPT can … Read more

It exceeds 7 degrees.. A Turkish scientist warns of an earthquake in Kayseri

Last updated Thursday 09 March 2023 Turkish seismologist Suleiman Pampal warned of a devastating earthquake of more than 7 magnitude in the city of Kayseri, which has been hit by weak earthquakes in recent days. He said, “There is no square centimeter in Turkey that is not at risk of earthquakes. All of Turkey is … Read more

Activate Yellow Alert for temperatures of up to 30 ° degrees – El Financiero

The north of the Mexico City ‘will burn‘ the afternoon of this Monday, February 6, 2023 with temperatures that will reach 30 degrees Celsius. The Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection reported that a yellow alert due to the forecast of high temperatures in the demarcations: Azcapotzalco, cuauhtémoc, Gustavo A. Madero, iztacalco, iztapalapa, … Read more

A rare phenomenon in the sky; The pilot rotates 360 degrees for passengers to see the Northern Lights

) EasyJet passengers are amazed by the rare sight. A rare sight in the sky left passengers in awe during a flight from Iceland to England. It was a sight of the Northern Light (Northern Light) which is seen very rarely. Only passengers on one side of the plane could see this view. But everyone … Read more

The pilot circled the plane 360 ​​degrees to see the aurora borealis; Thank you passengers The pilot circled the plane 360 ​​degrees to see the aurora borealis; Thank you passengers

A rare aurora borealis was spotted in the skies over England while flying from Iceland’s capital Reykjavík to Manchester. Passengers on an EasyJet flight to Manchester, England got to see an unusual sight the other day. It was a rare sighting of the northern lights. Only passengers on one side of the plane could see … Read more

The middle of February in Latvia was four degrees warmer than normal –

In the second decade of February, the average air temperature in Latvia was +1.1 degrees or 4.2 degrees above the norm, according to the information collected by the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology. Content will continue after the ad. The air temperature did not drop below -8 degrees, and the maximum temperature was … Read more

Temperature around 20 degrees in Suriname; Surinamese are cold

The temperature in Suriname has dropped in the evening and night in recent days. Many people have been talking about the cold on social media. Thursday evening the time and temperature display of this pumping station in Paramaribo (photo) recorded a temperature of 21 degrees. The wind chill was slightly lower, around 19 to 20 … Read more