Summer has not gone anywhere; on sunday the air will heat up to +31 degrees

On Sunday night, the sky will be partly cloudy, but no precipitation is expected. With a slow wind blowing, the fog will thicken in some areas, and the air temperature will drop to +10…+14 degrees, in places on the coast to +15…+17 degrees. In Riga, the night will be partly cloudy, but it will pass … Read more

Heat wave: our RTLINFO journalist found the coolest place in the country with barely 10 degrees this morning

Our country is again affected by a heat wave, but there are still places where it is cool. The coast is the only part of the country which is not on heat alert, but not only: in the province of Liège, on the border with Germany, the thermometer does not take off. Vincent Jamoulle, RTL … Read more

To earn their degrees, Mexico’s medical students practice medicine at gunpoint

DURANGO, Mexico — When Alfredo Cortés arrived at a tiny clinic for his year of social service, which is required of all medical students in Mexico, he found that he had no mobile phone or Internet access, only a radio. He lived alone in the clinic, a simple house in a rural community in the … Read more

CS brings Züri photo rotated 180 degrees

View towards Quaibrücke, with Fraumünster, Bauschänzli, behind the lake. Left and right bank. So familiar, and yet somehow wrong: the background image of Credit Suisse on the web, on the highly regarded page with the devastating quarterly figures, looks wrong. It is. Someone twisted the photo. Flipped 180 degrees. Links, rechts, who cares (CS, IP) … Read more

Spain pins air conditioners at 27 degrees

Zuma Press NOS News•Tuesday, 20:08•Amended yesterday, 08:10 Rop Zoutberg correspondent Spain Rop Zoutberg correspondent Spain Sweltering streets and shopping centers that feel like refrigerators when you walk in. The latter is over in Spain: the government will regulate the temperature in buildings, shops and restaurants by law in both summer and winter. The air conditioning … Read more

Double degree law, how it works and how to enroll

9/10 ©Ansa The decree also provides for the ways to facilitate simultaneous registration to two courses of study, such as the possibility for universities to activate distance learning or to provide organizational methods consistent with part-time attendance of students, and regulate aspects related to the right to study, establishing, among other things, that the total … Read more

Lunar craters and caves at 17 degrees Celsius

The temperature on the Moon can vary from boiling to freezing between night and day, but scientists believe there may be craters and caves protected at a very reasonable temperature. In such spots, the temperature hovers around 17 degrees Celsius, according to new calculations. And they could be ideal locations to set up base camps … Read more

The heat will return at the end of the week. The air will warm up to +30 degrees – Weather – News

In the coming days, mainly a small amount of clouds is expected, only it can rain in places. There will be a light to moderate westerly wind changing to a southerly wind. It will get warmer. On Tuesday, the air temperature will rise to +20..+25 degrees, on Friday – up to +26..+31 degrees. During the … Read more