Morena’s Condemnation of Boos at Delgado Is “Stalinism,” Says Ackerman

The academic John Ackerman condemned the call for attention made by the National Commission of Honesty and Justice (CNHJ) of Brunette to the militants who booed the national president of the party, Mario Delgado placeholder image, during the event corresponding to the third anniversary of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s victory at the polls. Through social … Read more

Delgado accepted resignation of advisor due to late notice of relationship with Delta

The Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, reported that he accepted the resignation of his chief of staff, Gonzalo Guerrero Valle placeholder image, because he belatedly notified him about the link he had with the family of a minor infected with the Delta variant of covid-19. Specifically, the adviser to the secretary of state is … Read more

Senators from Morena claim Mario Delgado mistreatment of candidates

Strong, fast and with claims was the meeting between senators of Brunette with the national president of your party, Mario Delgado placeholder image, to whom they complained about the lack of coordination, the support for “unrepresentable” candidates, the lack of political work, and others said that they felt relegated during the electoral process on June … Read more

Videos of Pío López Obrador, strategy of the corrupt right: Mario Delgado

The coordinator of the Morena bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado, I assure that the new videos in which the former head of Civil Protection, David León, appears, giving cash to the brother of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Pío López Obrador, are part of a right-wing strategy corrupt To try to confuse … Read more