“Heaven knows the truth” The ax that didn’t pay ‘300 million in taxes’… The new song is ‘Delinquency’

“Heaven knows the truth” The ax that didn’t pay ‘300 million in taxes’… The new song is ‘Delinquency’ Rapper Dok2 (real name Lee Junkyung). [도끼 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=김유진 기자] Rapper Dok2 (real name Lee Joon-kyung), who caused controversy over arrears, released a new song. The title is ‘Delinquency’. Dok2 released the single album ‘Behind the Sins’ … Read more

Woman suffers the theft of her cell phone and takes revenge against the motorcycle

The subject took the phone from her in the middle of the street, but the driver decided to act quickly to get it back. A woman decided to take revenge on a thief who had stolen her cell phone by running him over in full public thoroughfare Cartagena, Colombia. It is a fact recorded in … Read more

Francy reveals unpublished details of the millionaire robbery in her house – People – Culture

Francy, one of the most recognized spiteful singers in the country, surprised all her followers with bitter news on October 2: He was the victim of a millionaire robbery by thieves who entered his homelocated in Pereira (Risaralda). The interpreter of If it’s gone, it’s gone He was finishing his tour of Europe (specifically in … Read more

Rent property owner “Rent delinquency” screams … A manual for each level that encourages occupants to move out * With a list of required documents | Asset defense media for wealthy people | Gentosha Gold Online

(* The photo is an image / PIXTA) “Rent delinquency” is a headache for rental property owners. There are circumstances on the part of the resident, and although it is not all malicious, it is disadvantageous to the owner anyway. However, if you put a sticker on the front door saying “Pay rent!”, Break into … Read more

More exposed than others to social delinquency, the Liège region? An analysis in Liège en Prime

The Liège region bases its economic redeployment on logistics, but the road transport sector is marked by several resounding frauds, with truckers coming from the east, and letterbox companies. Large construction sites are multiplying in the agglomeration, and labor providers are importing Brazilian workers, falsely Portuguese. So, what are the priorities of justice in the … Read more

Unrestrained criminals launch fireworks in the middle of a police operation in Los Angeles | National

The authorities stressed that it is not only useful to complain on social networks, but that formal complaints must be made – which can be anonymous – to stop situations like these. A defiant attitude carried out criminals from Los Angeles to the launch fireworks amid police raids made last night. The pyrotechnics were felt … Read more

Surquillo: criminals abandon high-end truck after persecution that began in Surco | NNDC National Police | LIME

Lima, January 2, 2022Updated on 02/01/2022 09:46 pm Agents of the Surco and Surquillo serenazgos, as well as agents of the National Police, they found a high-end vehicle used by criminals to steal on the go in jurisdictions of said districts. LOOK: New Year: The PNP revealed that citizens respected 90% curfew and complied with … Read more

Parents deliver their son to the PDI who was wanted for imprisoned

The father of the minor assured that “the meetings that my son had were not leading him on the right path.” On Thursday night, the Investigative Police raided a house shared by five young men linked to seven crimes of lock and slam doors made in Vitacura, Recoleta and Huechuraba. In the operation, the PDI … Read more

Callao hitman kills Venezuelan mommy when she got to work | IMP | PRESENT

A few meters from the polyclinic where she worked as an admissions officer more than a year ago, the Venezuelan Katiuska Pérez Bonte (26) was killed by a bullet in the neck by a subject who would have been following her and who, after the crime, escaped in a linear motorcycle, in the Callao. The … Read more

Offender committed 12 assaults in 4 days: he was detained by Carabineros

The leader of the band “Los Chaquetas Amarillas” fell. Carabineros from the 7th Renca Police Station managed to arrest a criminal accused of being the author of various crimes. The event took place after 12:00 hours on Thursday, after a woman reported the theft of her vehicle, which had a GPS system, so the police … Read more