Russia and Ukraine: Germany and Britain deliver the first shipment of advanced Leopard and Challenger tanks to Kiev, so what is the significance of that?

Ali El Gomaty BBC News Arabic March 28, 2023 image copyright Reuters photo comment, A number of Ukrainian soldiers have been trained on Leopard tanks at military bases in Germany The first shipment of heavy tanks, Leopard 2 and Challenger, arrived in Ukraine provided by Germany and Britain, to help it confront the Russian invasion, … Read more

The first German Leopards arrived in Ukraine. However, German companies cannot deliver new machines on a large scale

A few days ago, there was news that caused malicious satisfaction in the West: Russia is deploying tanks from the “museum” on the Ukrainian battlefield. The emergency forced the Russian leadership to pull out of storage 60-year-old T-62 machines, which, among other things, “distinguished themselves” during the crushing of the Prague Spring. According to the … Read more

actors deliver a message of peace

<!– Journée mondiale du théâtre : des comédiens délivrent un message de paix –> Dakar, March 27 (APS) – World Theater Day was celebrated in sobriety this Monday at the Daniel Sorano National Theater, where all the actors of the fourth art met in the afternoon , to deliver a message of peace. They took … Read more

VACCINATION: A breath of fresh air to deliver vaccines

The active ingredient, pushed by a slight air pressure, is thus delivered through the skin. According to these scientists, this use of the MOF-Jet could very soon be a reality. Provided that the galenic forms of the pharmacological products concerned are reviewed. Thus vaccines could be administered by this system in the form of powder … Read more

North Macedonia will deliver Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine

Macedonian Mi-24 Fot. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email The government of North Macedonia is developing another military aid package for Ukraine, which will include 12 Mi-24 combat helicopters, said Macedonian Defense Minister Slavianka Petrovska. The War in Ukraine – Special Report The minister explained during an interview with Alsat television on … Read more

Ticker on the Ukraine war: USA wants to deliver Abrams tanks to Kiev by autumn | National Council commission calls for 5 billion Swiss francs for Ukraine

Yesterday, 05:28 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has new military aid from the EU and the US praised as strengthening the defenses of his country attacked by Russia. «Are planned quick deliveries and also the production of ammunition» Zelensky said in his daily video message, which was broadcast in Kiev on Monday evening. “This is a … Read more

Megastar singer helps Antal Rogán deliver Viktor Orbán’s messages to millions

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s social media platforms have recently seen an industrial amount of content: his Instagram page, which has 167,000 followers, for example, only had 9 posts related to the March 15 national holiday. Photos and videos of the prime minister are also posted on his Facebook page, which is followed by 1.2 million … Read more

‘The living room of shame’: citizens deliver Fedasil furniture to asylum seekers

About fifty citizens delivered Fedasil furniture on Saturday to the building occupied by asylum seekers near the Gare du Nord in Brussels, Belga noted. A symbolic march to deliver the three armchairs was organized by the citizens, members of various support committees for asylum seekers, starting from rue de Louvain. The furniture in question was … Read more

“The Last Worker” will soon deliver his criticism of capitalism – Games

“The Last Worker” will be released on March 30th. The biting critique of capitalism puts you in the shoes of the last worker in an automated world. “The Last Worker” could be a treat for simulation and action fans alike. Before the game is released on March 30, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo … Read more